Top 3 Questions To Ask A Slovakian Removalist

Slovakian Removalist

The idea of moving to Slovakia is thrilling and exciting. The country is great in every possible manner and is appreciated by locals as well as visitors for its low cost of living. Well, now if you wish to make your move hassle-free and quick, it is best to find the right type of moving company that knows everything about Slovakia.

At first, the task of finding a good removalist might seem taxing but relax, it is not at all impossible. When you have movers operating in Slovakia by your side, moving becomes effortless. They take care of everything as well as bring all the packing materials along. Also, movers like Easy Peasy Removals take care of assembling and disassembling your furniture and packing and unpacking almost everything in your house.

In simple words, your Slovakian removalist will do all the hard work, and all you have to worry about is how you want to enjoy your move day. Then again, you must find the right type of removalist. To help you with this, here we have mentioned 3 questions. Ask them to your removalist and you will know if they are the right person for the job or not.

3 important questions to ask your removalist

  1. Since how long you have been in the business? Do you have any client’s testimonials?

You want to work with an experienced moving company. After all, someone new in the business might know how to handle simple tasks of moving, but it takes time and experience to know all the ins and outs. Any reputed and genuine moving company, that has been around for years, will be glad to back their answer with some strong documents like certifications, awards, etc.

Furthermore, when you go through their online and offline reviews, you get to understand what kinds of moving jobs they have handled. Certain customers like to discuss the details of their move and this can be very informative for you. Remember, a good and worthy moving company will have plenty of good reviews and high star ratings.

  1. How will you protect my property and items

This is one of the most important questions that any client might have. You want to make your move hassle-free, but you want it to be safe as well. Several items in our homes and offices are closer to our hearts, and we don’t want them to get damaged in any way

A sincere moving company will understand your emotions and make sure all your belongings are transferred safely. Also, most moving companies offer standard valuation coverage. Well, if you have expensive items, you should consider purchasing additional coverage.

  1. How do you charge for your services?

When you are shortlisting Slovakian moving companies and asking for the quotes, ask them to provide a clear break-up of their quote. This will give you a clear idea of what you are paying for. Besides, most moving companies will try to upsell some extra services, this is common. After all, it is their business. However, when you have a proper break-up of the quotation, you can avoid any extra charges.

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Well, that is everything you needed to know. Now, one last piece of advice is – follow your intuition when it comes to hiring a moving company and don’t simply hire a company with the lowest quote.

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