What Is The Cost Of Quality SEO Services In Australia?

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On forums, there are multiple answers to a question like ‘How much is the cost of SEO?’ It includes comments like – ‘I pay $300 monthly to a freelancer in India’ or I pay $3000 monthly to a giant agency but have seen no changes’. Generally, SEO services are available from approximately $7 on Fiverr to $6000 monthly. However, the price paid is a poor sign of the service quality level made available. 

Buying quality SEO services is hard because many organizations in Australia are unable to distinguish between good and bad SEO. In general, externally all SEO agencies look similar, so due to a lack of knowledge Aussie businessmen focus on the price factor because they understand it well. Regularly they experiment with low rates, but have to struggle badly with expenses along with irreversible business reputation damage. 

Cost is important but you need to focus on how much to pay for hiring the correct people using quality SEO strategy at the right price and maximizing returns. Get an SEO quote from Catnapweb and several other agencies. Compare and hire the ones based on experience, track record, and project scope. 

Cost of SEO services

  • Expect to pay approximately $500 to $3000 on a single SEO project like technical audits or creating strategies.
  • Expect to pay $1000 to $10,000+ monthly for quality SEO campaigns from experienced professionals capable to deliver the best results.

SEO pricing strategies

In Australia, freelancers and SEO firms price their services in three ways –

  1. Hourly rates 
  2. Monthly fees
  3. Pay per performance

SEO is time-consuming and needs specific skills. Cheap SEO service is a red flag. Anything, which is less than $500 monthly, is categorized as cheap. Let’s understand what to expect from the $500 SEO monthly package.

  • The standard rate of a reputable SEO agency is $100 per hour, which means you get 5 hours of services per month.
  • One hour is allocated to account management.
  • So, the time left for SEO services is 4 hours every month.

What kind of SEO work can the firm finish in 4 hours? – Just sufficient time for reviewing website, performing keyword research, and updating few directory listings. Is a $500 monthly SEO package worth it? No!

If it is a freelancer or an agency charging less than a $500 monthly SEO package then they are outsourcing overseas or using black hat strategies that can penalize your website. as the charges are low, the freelancers or agencies look for ways to cut corners and keep clients happy.

Quality SEO needs time to notice, so the timeframe and charges paid to depend on your competition level, objectives, scope, website size, and more. Another factor is how quickly you need results. A national brand with multiple sites will need more investment than local businesses looking to rank on Google for a handful of keywords. 

How much to invest per month in quality SEO services?

  • $1000 is suitable for local SEO [single geographical area]
  • $1000 – $4000 is great for established online businesses that target national and international customers or operate in competitive niches.
  • $5000 & more – Enterprise businesses in Australia with worldwide targets need to go beyond $5000. 

You get what you pay is the mantra, but do thorough research before hiring a reliable SEO firm!

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