Agreement Songs


    Agreement songs are a popular tool used by teachers to help students learn and remember the rules of subject-verb agreement. These catchy tunes not only make grammar lessons more engaging, but they also help students retain the information for longer periods of time. In this article, we`ll take a closer look at the benefits of using agreement songs in the classroom and highlight some popular examples.

    Why Use Agreement Songs?

    While learning subject-verb agreement may seem like a dry and tedious task, agreement songs can make it much more enjoyable for both students and teachers. Music has a way of engaging the brain and making information easier to remember. By setting grammar rules to a melody, students are more likely to retain the information and even recall it outside of the classroom.

    Additionally, agreement songs can help students who struggle with traditional teaching methods. For auditory learners in particular, hearing the rules set to music can be incredibly helpful in understanding and applying them in their writing.

    Examples of Agreement Songs

    There are countless agreement songs out there, each with its own unique melody and set of rules. Here are just a few popular examples:

    “The Verb Song” by Have Fun Teaching – This upbeat tune sets the rules for matching singular and plural subjects with their corresponding verbs.

    “The Subject and Verb Agreement Song” by Grammaropolis – This catchy song teaches students how to identify and match singular and plural subjects with their corresponding verbs in different tenses.

    “Subject Verb Agreement Rap” by The Grammarheads – This fast-paced rap teaches students the basics of subject-verb agreement, including proper agreement with singular and plural nouns and indefinite pronouns.

    How to Incorporate Agreement Songs in the Classroom

    Agreement songs can be incorporated in a variety of ways in the classroom. Teachers can play the songs for their students at the beginning of a lesson to help them remember the rules, or they can use the songs as part of a review activity. Alternatively, teachers can have their students create their own agreement songs as a creative writing assignment.


    Agreement songs are a valuable tool for teachers looking to make grammar lessons more engaging and effective. By setting subject-verb agreement rules to a catchy tune, students are more likely to remember the information and apply it in their writing. So next time you`re struggling to make grammar lessons more interesting, consider incorporating some agreement songs!