Tips to ease anxiety

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We all tend to worry. You worry about work, you worry about home, you worry about social life, you worry about the meaning of life, you worry about the planet; bottom line, worry is a very important element of life. 

However, anxiety is one step ahead of worry. It is remarked by constant worrying, one that is beyond the healthy levels. Chronic anxiety has a serious impact on your health and social life. 

Depending on the type of anxiety disorder diagnosed by best Psychiatrist in Islamabad, people experience different symptoms of chronic anxiety, including stress, tension, palpitations, panic, etc. 

The good news is that the symptoms of anxiety can be managed with some interventions. 

Tips to ease anxiety 

Try to consume good content 

What we consume has impact on our mood. If you are looking at negative content, then you will also start to think so negatively. Similarly, if some things are making you feel worse about your life, and increasing your anxiety levels, then staying away from them is important. 

So, be mindful of the entertainment content you consume. Similarly, when using social media applications, if something is making you feel worse about yourself, giving you FOMO, being you ungrateful about your life, then stop following such profiles. 

Instead, take in things that help you grow, make you feel better about yourself, give more depth to your thinking, and help you have a new perspective on life. 

Do not consume too much caffeine 

Caffeine might be keeping you sane, but it also might be the reason why you are feeling on edge. Too much caffeine can give you jitters and cause sleep problems. 

Therefore, it is important that you moderate your caffeine intake. Also, for to not disturb your sleep and hence your health, do not consume caffeine at night. 

Go on a walk 

We are stuck in our concrete jungles, running from one chore to other. This mindless race is also amongst the reasons why so many people suffer from anxiety. 

A great way to take a break from life, unwind and relax is by taking a walk in the nature. Connecting with nature is soothing; when you marvel at the world around you, those who ponder can also gain a healthier perspective on life. 

Moreover, breathing in the fresh air is also very relaxing. Exercise is a great way to boost endorphins and hence mood. It also aids in lowering stress levels as well. So, try to regularly go on walks.

Hear things that uplift you 

There are many podcasts and shows that are being led by mental health experts and life coaches. The healing words therein and life advice are also a great way to reorient your thinking so you take less anxiety. 

Partake in selfcare 

Selfcare is often ignored. Some deem is unnecessary, some consider it to be selfish. And none of these perspectives are true. Just as you would care for a friend, you also need to care for yourself. 

So, do things that make you happy. Pamper yourself every once in a while. Learn to make healthy boundaries. Taking out time for yourself is also important. 

Alongside the fun forms of selfcare, also partake in activities like yoga, mindfulness and meditation that are helpful for your growth and happiness. 

Eat healthy food

Your mood is also contingent on your mood. If you constantly eat junk food and sugar, it is not good for your physical or mental health. So, make sure to consume healthy food. Get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Use whole meal grains. Also, make sure you eat timely meals!

Unwind and laugh

The adage laughter is the best medicine is surely an exaggeration, but still not untrue. Laughing often helps in releasing tension and improving mood. So, put on the sitcom or go for the stand-up comedy show. 

Getting help 

Anxiety can be on a spectrum, with people at one end managing with different interventions, and others needing treatment from the Psychiatrist in Lahore. Understanding where you lie on the spectrum is important to get clarity on anxiety management. 

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