Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Custom Pre-roll Packaging Materials


The use of environmentally friendly custom pre-roll packaging is one of the most successful marketing trends in the industry. Considering the depletion of our non-renewable natural resources and higher chances of a decrease in water life around the ocean has sparked massive public interest in opting for eco-friendly practices in their daily life.

The use of non-biodegradable materials and the following harmful manufacturing practices by almost every industry are two of the most common reasons for the increase in pollution. The cannabis industry can also play a significant role in conserving nature by using eco-friendly packaging materials.

Moreover, using these materials also promises increased sales by eco-conscious customers. Here we have enlisted the five most common eco-friendly packaging materials to help any pre-roll business boost its growth.

1. Biodegradable Plastic

Plastic is one of the most commonly used packaging materials across different industries. However, it is one of the most hazardous for human beings and the environment. Researchers and scientists have long been looking for a beneficial alternative to plastic, and we see a couple of good options available in the market.

Many companies are using recycled plastic made from pre-used plastic. The use of recycled plastic reduces plastic pollution from the environment. Another widely popular plastic is biodegradable plastic which decomposes under sunlight. Indeed, biodegradable plastic is an efficient and reliable alternative to standard plastic as this does not produce hazardous gasses on decomposition.

Furthermore, most pre-roll companies are using ocean-reclaimed plastic as well. As the name indicates, this type of plastic is manufactured using plastic junk dumped in the ocean. All these plastic types can significantly reduce the earth’s pollution and make your brand lucrative for the modern cannabis consumer.

2. Cardboard or Paper

Cardboard and paper are two of the widely popular eco-friendly packaging materials. Numerous pre-roll companies have created their custom pre-roll packaging using cardboard or paper. One of the pre-roll consumers’ most appreciated packaging solutions is the custom pre-roll boxes made of cardboard. The design team working at the high-end packaging companies has created several variations in these cardboard boxes to appeal to more customers. Moreover, these innovative designs and styles of the boxes increase the ease, efficiency, and convenience of using the pre-rolls.

3. Hemp Packaging Material

Hemp is an exceptional alternative to polystyrene, bubble wrap, and other similar packaging materials. This material is compostable and does not cause any harmful effects on the environment during decomposition.

One of the essential qualities of this material is insulation. Hemp material keeps the pre-rolls original freshness, scent, and moisture guarded with its insulation feature.

Thus, when the pre-rolls reach the consumer’s hand, they seem to be just rolled. Moreover, hemp offers durability and sturdiness, which helps in the safe shipment of pre-roll packages.

4. Glass Tubes

Pre-roll glass tubes have become the widely appreciated pre-roll packaging solutions by cannabis users over the past few years. The manufacturers have introduced different types of pre-roll tubes, including pop-top tubes and ones with screw caps. These glass tubes are eco-friendly and can quickly decompose. Also, glass pre-roll tubes look cool and fun to carry around. Most importantly, this material keeps the tubes’ contents fresh and scent-free.

5. Glassine Packaging Material

Glassine has recently hit the market and is becoming famous for its outstanding qualities. This see-through material features plasti-like characteristics and is an excellent alternative to standard packaging materials. Glassine feels shiny and glistening like plastic but is decomposable, thus does not harm the environment. Furthermore, glassine adds a glossy appearance to the packaging, making your product look more attractive and enticing

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

The use of eco-friendly packaging material to manufacture the pre-roll packaging solutions offers multiple benefits both environmentally and for the growth of your pre-roll business. Here are a few most significant benefits of using eco-friendly packaging materials for your pre-roll business.

Helps Build Up the Brand’s Name in the Market

Pre-roll brands that promote themselves as eco-friendly display their understanding of nature conservation. This feature enhances the brand’s credibility as a responsible company with reliable core values. Moreover, building up your brand’s image in the exponentially growing pre-roll market is crucial to strive and thrive.

Reduces the Carbon Footprint

One of the most significant benefits of opting for an eco-friendly approach is reducing the hazardous carbon footprint in the environment. Most industries use fossil fuels such as coal, LPG, diesel, and gasoline during the manufacturing process as energy resources.

Using these chemicals increases the carbon content in the environment by producing CO2. Increased production of this CO2 pollutes the environment and causes the depletion of the ozone layer.

The ozone layer safeguards the earth from harmful UV rays, and its depletion raises numerous environmental challenges for humans. Hence, by using eco-friendly practices, you will play your part in slowing down this process.

Keeps the Customers Safe from Hazardous Materials

Many people do not feel safe using traditionally used packaging material, including plastic and cellophane considering that these are non-biodegradable and contain toxic chemicals. These materials take hundreds of years to decompose, and there is still no certainty of their complete decomposition.

Moreover, the decomposition of these materials produces harmful toxins and poisonous gasses in the environment. So, by using eco-friendly packaging material, you are offering a safe alternative to health-conscious people.

Attracts Environmentally Conscious Target Customers

Being an eco-friendly company means using little to no non-renewable resources during product development and packaging. The modern cannabis consumer intently looks for these trifle yet significant considerations by the brands.

And environmentally conscious people only purchase the products from the brands following energy conservation procedures. The number of eco-conscious people is increasing consistently, and every successive generation is more aware of its responsibilities toward environmental conservation than the previous one.

Hence, ignoring eco-friendly practices equals neglecting a potentially huge customer base. However, using environment-friendly packaging materials can attract these customers and thus increase business profits.

Final Words

The use of eco-friendly packaging materials can boost your business. These five eco-friendly packaging materials will increase your sales and market value. Happy Packaging!

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