EarnViews: Top 7 TikTok Nutritionists That Every Marketer Should Know About

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TikTok is an app that is widespread with information and knowledge. You can find more influencers on TikTok in any niche. Nutrition is one of the popular topics, where many Instagram users are more engagingly searching for their presence on TikTok. Why this much demand for nutritionist advice? The world is encountering more health problems. Starting from minor health issues to major ones, if it is diagnosed early, you can sure cure it. 

In this fast-paced world, it is not necessary to consult a dietician in the hospital. It is possible and easy to ask for a consultation and advice online. So why not with TikTok? Yes, it is, of course, possible! Let’s explore this article to know how this process goes through on TikTok. If you are a nutritionist who wants to feature on the for you page, then try to buy tiktok likes and bring awareness to your potential clients. Let’s get started!

Checklist On TikTok Dieticians

Before you follow dieticians on TikTok, check whether they possess specific qualifications as follows, 

  • They should be registered dieticians. Only they can be able to give you a proper diet. 
  • Scroll through their profiles and check on their videos. Once you have done it, you will get to know the potential of a dietician. 
  • Check on any user-generated content, before or after videos, etc.; Social proof is more important before you trust them. Don’t just blindly trust them. 
  • It would be great if they got a verification badge from TikTok. Verification badges give the audience trust and develop credibility. 

Fact: Most registered dieticians are on the mission to neglect the toxic diet culture. As per science, our body requires all nutrients in equal proportions. Therefore, Intaking only a particular nutrient doesn’t make it helpful. So be cautious before beginning your diet. Avoid dieticians who are suggesting you specific nutrient diets. Moreover, if you are a dietician who wants to drive more engagement to your account, you can try using EarnViews to reach a broader audience. 

Top 7 Nutrition Influencers On TikTok

  1. Chris Holt 

Chris Holt is a nutritional coach in the United States. He has 195 K followers, and his account has a 19.8% engagement rate. The hashtags most used by him are #Coffee, #over 30, #history, and #lipsync. As he is expertise in fitness and nutrition, his videos are a lot more focused on nutritional tips. 

  1. Megan Rossi

She is one of the excellent nutrition influencers for a brand. She is specialized in giving tips to maintain a healthy gut by consuming the proper diet. Her advice is based on scientific explanations. She used to share videos on the latest nutrition news and research on healthy foods. 

  1. Abbeys Kitchen

Abbey’s ideologies are pretty incredible, where she explains the diet that keeps your skin healthy and shiny. Her TikTok videos are more educational and hilarious at the same time. She respects people’s preferences and replies to their comments in a quick time. This friendly gesture of hers makes way for more followers on her account. 

  1. Dawn Jackson Blatner

Dawn is a registered dietician and nutritionist. He always encourages his followers to practice body love and help to maintain overall good health. She makes diets for professional athletes. She always recommends her followers eat plant-related foods, i.e., vegan. She always makes exciting templates for posts. 

  1. Aragusea

He is a titkoker who makes more practical recipes on food science, food history, nutrition, and food safety, holding almost 262.5 k followers worldwide. The engagement rate for his account is around 15.7%. He lives in the United States and deals with hashtags like #learnonTikTok, #fermentation, #dryice, etc. He experiments a lot! Alike Aragusea, if you want to gain more fame on TikTok, try to use EarnViews and reap undeniable results. 

  1. Erin Palinski

Erin is a knowledgeable and exemplary person in nutrition and dietetics. She primarily deals with improved health, body confidence, and mental wellness. She is also a registered dietician, and most of her recipes are diabetic-friendly. If you have diabetes, follow her account for easier ways to reduce your diabetic content. 

  1. Sarah Britton

Sarah is expertise in plant-based nutrition. Her holistic approach encourages followers to eat more plants, and her videos mostly have plant-based recipes. Additionally, she provides gardening and cooking classes. She is also a certified nutritionist. You can also follow her account on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 


The above nutritionists are performing best on TikTok. So if you follow them, you can find the solution to your health problems. You can direct message them to clear your queries. The audience can participate and ask questions even when they host a Live. These are the ways where you can build a healthy relationship with them. Thanks for reading the article. We hope you will utilize the article insights whenever you use TikTok.

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