How to properly clean an office? Things you need to know.


Did you know that we spend an average of between 8 and 9 years working throughout our lives? That will be too much time to spend in an environment that is not clean and in good condition. And is that order and cleanliness are fundamental factors. They improve productivity, health, and the quality of our work.

It’s all a matter of psychology. In well-maintained offices, workers will always have a better predisposition towards work. The cleaning of offices encompasses a large number of activities. In this way, the service is complete. 

This work includes thoroughly cleaning floors and carpets and ordering and disinfecting furniture, tables, and chairs. Next, we will detail how to plan for office cleaning and hire professional office cleaners near me.

Looking at the company’s activity will help you with commercial cleaning services. Before determining the maintenance and cleaning, it is vital to consider the company’s activity. For example, the procedure is different if you work with chemicals or food products.

How do I make a proper cleaning and disinfection plan for the office?

Regardless of the activity carried out in the company, the way to start a cleaning job in offices is always from top to bottom. It starts with the ceilings and walls. Likewise, it ends with the disinfection of floors and pavements.

The first step in office cleaning must be carried out consists of ventilating the different rooms. The atmosphere is more charged when many people work in the same room. For this reason, it is advisable to renew the air and release excess carbon dioxide, which can cause many headaches.

Once the air has been cleaned and purified, the next task is removing waste from bins or other containers. These wastes can cause bad odors. Hence the need to remove them regularly.

The part that includes the disinfection of the ceilings and the lamps must be carried out with a certain periodicity. However, it is not necessary to do it every week: they are the areas that get the least dirty, along with the walls.

Another area that needs to be cleaned regularly is the windows. Depending on the weather conditions, they can get dirty to one degree or another. In any case, it is advisable to clean the windows and frames regularly.

Finally, you need to take proper care of the restrooms. This is perhaps the most important area for cleaning in the whole office. Make sure you do regular and thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the whole bathroom. For older office buildings where toilets are getting more and more difficult to clean, consider doing a complete rebuild with the help of to ensure highest levels of hygiene.

Uses and selection of office cleaning tools

In general, a cleaning team should have the following essential tools for most cases.


For good skill and safety when handling detergents and other liquids during office cleaning, it is essential to have comfortable latex and an engraved texture.

Broom and shovel

These tools work as a team and are just as basic for both home and business offices. The handle of both can be made of wood, plastic, injected polyethylene, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is recommended to choose the latter for its resistance.

But more important is the material of the bristles, which must be polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). Since it resists a large number of chemicals, does not absorb liquids such as water and oil, and can be easily sterilized.

There is a variant of the broom called the “broom,” which is wider and is used to sweep wider surfaces. There are also more voluminous blades to complement it correctly. 

Mop or wringer and bucket

About the mop, it is also called a floor dryer or mop, and it is used to dry wet surfaces that can cause slip accidents.

The material indicated for this utensil is steel; its head is more effective if it rotates 360 degrees and must be accompanied by a good storage bucket where you can rinse it. It is also recommended, for special cases, that the head be disinfected by disassembling it separately. The wringer can sometimes serve as an alternative to the mop because it does not clog much and is easier to disinfect after use.

Hand brush

They come in various sizes, but in general, one with a short handle and PBT bristles is ideal for offices. It should be noted that a brush with soft bristles is more effective on dry dust, while stiff ones work better for embedded dirt.


It is very useful for cleaning walls, windows and ceilings, its material must be a long line to clean offices with high ceilings or distant windows.

Shall we help you do your office cleaning?

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