The BITMAIN KA3 MINER, a new product from BATMAN, offers excellent computational processing power and low power consumption. The operational accuracy of the KA3 creates the optimum KDA mining experience. The astounding 166T hash rate performance of KA3 provides a 10-fold improvement in computing performance when compared to the existing market output. KA3 sets a new industry standard of 19.0T while innovating efficiency into a new age of energy savings and better performance-enhancing levels below 100J/T.

The BITMAIN KA3 MINER is at the forefront of Kadena cryptocurrency mining since it uses the Blake2S algorithm to provide a fluid mining experience. The KA3 is powered by the most recent model of BITMAN’s top-tier 19 series lineup, which has the most advanced air-cooling heat dissipation technology and offers miners the finest protection. One of the top KDA miners, BITMAIN KA3 MINER, has shown an increase in computational performance.

Features of the evolvable Bitmain ka3 miner:

Consumption of energy

The amount of electricity used by the gadget has a big effect on its profitability. The less power the equipment requires, the more effectively it will function. KDA3 has a power efficiency of 3154W. This power utilization is astonishing given the device’s hash rate. As a consequence, wasteful use of energy resources and power prices are significantly reduced.

Size and Weight:

ASIC miners are portable due to their tiny size and lightweight, however, they must be relocated to the proper locations around the house. Therefore, ASIC Miners used for residential mining must be compact and light. The bitmain antminer ka3 price has a perfect size of 195 x 290 x 400mm and weighs just 14000g. This qualifies it for both residential and agricultural mining.


Voltage use is a key factor in determining how productive the miner is. The Bitman BITMAIN KA3 MINER operates at around 12 V, which is by far the maximum voltage possible for mining cryptocurrencies. 12 V, which is also the most effective voltage, is the least costly to install. One of the key advantages is that you may utilize MUCH shorter breakers in your breaker board when it comes to current.

Noise Production:

The ability of the gadget to produce noise is essential. The new bitmain ka3 miner produces a lot of noise, almost 80 dB more than Bitman’s existing ASIC miners. Noise filters, Active Noise Cancellers, and Antminer silencers are just a few of the many methods available to minimize noise. All of the characteristics allow mining to take place anywhere and contribute to the mining machine’s efficient noise reduction


The hash rate of an ASIC miner is a crucial consideration when determining whether it will be profitable. ASIC miners may produce a maximum hash rate of 166Th for KA3. It is possible to make a $70.30 profit each day with this hash rate.


The Blake2S algorithm is used by the KA3. Blake2S produces digests for 8-bit to 32-bit processors that range in size from 1 to 32 bytes. The three main advantages of Blake2s are its greater security, simplicity, and speed, which have some favorable mining consequences. The BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s were designed to work with only one CPU core. It may be entirely mined on a GPU.


Temperature is an important aspect since it affects the device’s overall health. As a device’s temperature rises, its efficiency and utility may decrease. The maximum and lowest temperatures for the Bitman KA3 model are 5 °C and 35 °C, respectively. It helps maintain the device’s health for a longer period and lowers overheating.

KA3’s Coins Mined:

The only cryptocurrency that KA3 mines are the KADENA coin. Kadena is the most expensive cryptocurrency, which is made by miners. Kadena’s value has increased since it is now the most lucrative and valuable currency. One of its most remarkable features is the fact that this currency may be mined for 120 years since it is a fixed token. As a result, miners have the chance to profit from these currencies. You could own KDA since it is listed on several important exchanges.

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