Planning a Trip to Crete? Here Are Some Pieces of Advice on Transportation

“Hertz Heraklion car Rental”.

When planning a trip, a number of things have to be done in advance. Usually, the planning process starts with possible transportation options and the choice of the most convenient ones. Then a traveler has to pick the preferred housing. 

Then goes the plan with the places to visit and the foods to try (restaurants, cafes, etc.). When planning a trip to Crete, one can start the search with “Hertz Heraklion car Rental”.

Car travels

When browsing the Internet in search of the best transportation methods in Crete, most articles are about cars. People who share their travel experiences on different websites and blogs agree that using a car is really comfortable. Car rental offers are among the top travel advice. If you are planning to explore the island, it is important to remember its size; it is actually larger than might appear. It would be really helpful to plan the itinerary before to make the driving easier. 

Be aware of the possible dangers

People who plan to drive in Crete have to know about possible issues. Driving in Crete can be a bit challenging sometimes. For example, in big cities, road signs are presented in Greek and English. However, when going to more distant and smaller villages, a driver has to be ready that the roads will be of poorer quality and some roads may even lack signs. People who are experienced travelers give recommendations to drive carefully and, when possible, look for advice from locals. Also, rent a vehicle only from trusted companies. 

Using a taxi

When you are a tourist in a popular spot, you will figure out that sometimes walking on foot is not a bad option. But, when you feel your legs are getting tired, then calling a taxi is what you could do. You have to know that taxi drivers in Crete might forget to turn on the meters so before sitting in a taxi, you should discuss the price first. Also, before the taxi ride, we advise you to have the necessary addresses written down. This way, you will be able to get exactly where you want and avoid misinterpretation since many places in Crete have the same names.

Not Interested in Taxi?

Definitely, not everyone likes going somewhere by taxi. Especially in a foreign country. You have a language barrier, some taxi drivers are eager to charge you a double price, and things like that… If you have a driver’s license, we have a solution for you! Cheap cars for rent are available for tourists in Crete. When you have your own car, you do not care about anything, you are free to choose your routes. You can stop whenever you want to take pictures or rest. Renting a car in Crete would be the top solution. 

Car gives tourists more freedom

Most travelers agree that traveling by car is a great option. Besides comfort, it has a number of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Flexibility
  • Fun bonding experience (if you are not a solo traveler)
  • Exploring more places within a shorter time frame
  • More comfort and privacy
  • Easier to transport your personal belongings (do not have to carry it around).

Summing up the trip planning

So when planning a trip to Crete, one has to think about transportation first. There are many kinds of transport available, but it seems that renting a car or taking a taxi are among the most convenient ones. Going to new places by car is comfortable and fast. Remembering possible issues in a new country is important. Planning what destinations to visit in advance would be wise. Also, a tourist has to write down all addresses to make sure he/she will not get lost. Just a bit of planning has to be done to make the trip to Crete one of the best experiences. No need to worry, just do some research and you will be just fine!

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