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Clash of clans bases th9 best layout, understand the defensive buildings of th9 bases, how to properly layout resource buildings.

Clash of clans bases th9 how to layout? As the level of the player’s Town Hall gets higher and higher, more and more buildings and functions will be unlocked, so every upgrade from the 7th level of the Town Hall needs to change the layout of the clash of clans bases . And this article will introduce you to the layout guidelines of Town Hall level 9, you can read it to understand.

Layout of functional buildings

As the level of clash of clans Town Hall increases, more and more functional buildings will be unlocked, and these functional buildings will play a very important role in the game. These functional buildings are mainly Air Sweeper, Air Defense and traps.

Place more defensive buildings in the center

These buildings can have a very important impact on the invading army, so many players will consider destroying these functional buildings before attacking, so that they can better destroy other buildings. Therefore, the positions of functional buildings need to play their role as much as possible and not be easily destroyed, just like Air Defense can be placed in the center of the bases, so that the range it can attack will become wider, while Air Defense Sweeper can’t be placed in the center, because it can’t give full play to its advantages. It can be placed in more defensive buildings and slightly closer to the center.

Layout of defensive buildings

Single-target defensive structures are placed on the perimeter

The number of defensive buildings will increase as the Town Hall level increases, so the position of the defensive buildings in the early stage will be biased towards the center, but in the th9 stage, the number of defensive buildings will become large, so players can choose the position of the defensive buildings It is more external, such as Cannon, Archer Tower, Hidden Tesla, and other defensive buildings that target a single enemy can be placed on the outermost periphery.

AOE target defense buildings are placed inside

AOE target defense buildings Some buildings have a relatively wide attack range, while some buildings have a relatively short attack range, so those with a relatively wide attack range can be prevented from being biased towards the periphery, and can be prevented from being behind the target defense building. Buildings with a relatively short attack distance can be biased towards the interior, focusing on protecting core resources.

Layout of TH9 fence

For TH9, the number of unlocked walls is already very large. Players do not need to be too neat in the layout of the walls, but can arrange more layers. For example, you can set more layers, one layer for the outside, one layer for the core, One layer, multiple layers of defense, can hold off attackers for a long time.

Layout of resource building

Resource storage buildings are prevented from being centrally located

The location of the resource storage building should be placed in the core protection position, because as the Town Hall level increases, the level limit of the resource storage building does not necessarily increase at each stage, but the number will increase. Therefore, the storage capacity will not be increased, but the attackers will be able to plunder more resources, so these resource storage buildings need to be protected at the core, so as to avoid being plundered by other players.

Resource production buildings are placed outside the walls

Because the space inside the fence is limited, players need to prevent traps, defensive buildings, and functional buildings in the fence, so there is not much space left for resource production buildings, so it is best to place them on the periphery, which can not only delay the enemy The attack can also change the thinking of the attacker.

The layout of the trap building

Ground defense traps are placed around defensive buildings

Because th9 is not a high-level player, the layout of the trap building is best placed around the defensive building, because the attackers at this stage are based on 100% damage value, so the primary goal is to destroy the player’s defensive building , when all the defensive buildings are destroyed, the attackers can do whatever they want.

Air defense trap layout is biased towards the interior of the defense

Why should it be biased towards the inside? Because the prevention can’t play its role to the greatest extent on the outermost part, because the air enemies will ignore the terrain. If it is on the periphery, the air enemies may not necessarily pass through here. If it passes through, it may only be a single enemy. Place it inside, when the enemy breaks through the defense When passing here, there will be a large number, so air traps can cause maximum damage.


The layout of clash of clans bases th9 tends to be decentralized, but as long as it is aimed at the target that the player needs to protect, if the player wants to protect resources, then focus on resource buildings. If the player wants to protect the city hall as the core Lord, then take the town hall as the core. If you want to learn about clash of clans strategy, you can go to to learn more about bases layout, attack strategy, and troop mix, etc.



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