Winter Camping Tips for Staying Warm

winter camping

There’s a reason the global camping equipment market will reach $46.7 billion by 2031.

Camping is an exciting activity, but the conditions can vary greatly. Weather is a huge factor, and the time of year will change the experience significantly. Winter camping can be more demanding than summer camping, and staying warm on cold nights isn’t always easy.

For some essential winter camping tips to help you stay warm, keep reading.

Dress in Lots of Layers

When it comes to winter camping, this may seem obvious, but it still gets forgotten. For example, while walking, you might feel warm, but your temperature will quickly drip when you come to a halt. Wearing layers is the best way to hold in body heat.

You should wear a base layer, mid layer, and a jacket to keep the warmth in. Things like hats and gloves are also great for stopping heat from escaping. If you’re unsure what to buy, these outdoor gear experts have plenty of information on the best products.

Get Out of Sweaty Clothes Right Away

Even when camping in winter, you might build up a bit of a sweat while walking. As you stop to set up camp, this can quickly make you quite cold. Wet clothes get cold much faster than dry ones.

Get any sweaty layers off immediately, so your temperature doesn’t drop too low. This includes things like socks and hats, as everything will be a factor.

Double-Up on Sleeping Mats for Extra Comfort

When it comes to winter camping essentials, a sleeping mat should be at the top of your list. The ground will be icy, so having a good layer to separate you from it while you sleep will make a huge difference. However, something that most people won’t think to do is actually to use two sleeping mats.

You’ll be much warmer with twice as much insulation between you and the ground. You just need to remember that you’ll have to carry the extra sleeping mat.

Hold a Hot Water Bottle to Your Core

A hot water bottle isn’t on everyone’s camping essentials list, but it can come in conveniently. When you get in your sleeping bag, you’ll likely feel the cold in your toes more than in other areas, so you’ll be tempted to put your hot water bottle by your feet.

To get more significant benefits from it, you should place it around your core. This will heat the blood traveling around your body, keeping you warmer. Just be cautious when handling hot water—the last thing you need is to burn yourself.

Learn All About Winter Camping

Winter camping isn’t for everyone—the conditions aren’t usually as pleasant as other times of the year. However, the following tips make for a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

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