How to Extend the Life of Your Office Carpet

office carpet

An industrial carpet can last 10-15 years with the right care. It’s one of the most important design elements your company can have because it affects your employees’ productivity and your customer’s perception of you.

There are several steps to take to make the benefits of your investment last as long as possible. It requires a diligent cleaning schedule and a bit of extra employee training.

Read on for tips to help extend the life of your office carpet.

Vacuum and Sweep Every Day

Dirt and debris sink into the fibres of your office carpet. The longer it stays, the more difficult it becomes to remove. Vacuum and sweep every day and invest in a high-quality vacuum.

Use Mats and Carpet Savers

Up to 80% of dirt comes into a building from the soles of shoes. Every pound costs approximately $500 to remove.

Matts are one of the best defenses. They catch dirt, snow, mud, and rain before they can enter your building and reach your carpet. The best ones have a nylon surface that can twist and gather more with a rubber backing to keep them in place.

Install them at all your entryways and exits and make sure they’re wide enough to accommodate crowds. You can also put them in high-traffic areas inside such as lounges and registration areas.

Carpet savers are another effective way to protect your carpet. They prevent office equipment from leaving impressions. They have spikes underneath them that allow them to sit on the carpet without flatting it.

Tend to Spills

Extending the life of your office carpet improves your overall office appearance, but nothing ruins it faster than solids or liquids accidentally falling to the floor. Blot small wet spills with a towel and vacuum up dry spills before they set in.

Get Professional Deep Office Carpet Cleaning

Develop and follow a commercial building carpet cleaning schedule. Try to deep clean at least once or twice a year.

Use commercial carpet cleaning services when you do. They’ll have the experience and tools to make your commercial office carpet look like new.

Train Your Employees

Cleaning isn’t the only way to make your office carpet last as long as possible. You should also make sure your employees know what to do to maintain it. They should also know how to maintain all company machinery so that it doesn’t leak onto or damage the carpet.

More Carpet Cleaning Tips

The floor is one of the first parts of your office that you and your employees notice. Carpeting is an effective option, but you need to take steps to make sure that it lasts.

Vacuum and sweep it every day, and get professional deep cleanings once or twice a year. Train your employees in the right cleaning practices.

Put mats at all your exits and entryways and put carpet savers on your furniture. Tend to wet and dry spills immediately.

Read the rest of our content for more office carpet cleaning tips, including how to choose the right professionals.

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