Why you should have a personalized wall clock in your bedroom


A bedroom is a personal area for someone. It serves many functions. It is a place for sleeping, studying, relaxing, entertaining and sharing with friends. It should be cosy, Sophisticated and comfortable for inmates and should give a feeling of warmth and love. All of us love to decorate our bedroom with different things like photo frames, wallpapers, etc. We paint our walls and use many paintings or decorative materials to make them look elegant.  One of the things that come in this order is the wall clock. A wall clock in a bedroom is a necessity. It not only shows the track of time but also adds to the beauty and energy of the room. Nowadays you can buy many different types of wall clocks, one of the most famous is a personalized wall clock with photos. Let’s dive into the article to get more information about the topic.

Types of wall clock

1. Circular wall clock

Circular wall clocks are the most popular wall clocks in the world. They are the best option to highlight any plain or dull wall. They have large numerical fonts that are easy to read from afar and they give a professional look to the viewer. They often come with a warranty period. They are perfect for any room or workplace. 

2. Retro wall clock

This wall clock adds a retro vibe to the room. These wall clocks come with a unique look and beautiful design with roman numerals. It also comes up with a chain to hang on the wall.

3. Eclectic wall clock

The eclectic wall clock enhances your wall decor theme. They give a 3D effect. They are made up of eco-friendly Eva foam. they also give a silent sweeping movement of the wall clock.

4. Contemporary wall clock

If you want a modern look on your wall, go with the contemporary wall clock. The square opaque dial gives a sleek contemporary look while the wooden bars give a modern and chic look. It has roman numerals which can be read from afar.

5. Printed wall clock

If you are a fan of prints, you can go for a printed wall clock. These come with popular printed pictures on the base. You can also get clocks with variant pictures of sitcoms or characters. You can also go for a personalised wall clock in which you can have a printed base of any picture that you want.

6. Kids wall clock

wall clocks for kids may come in different shapes or sizes of cartoon characters or they may have a printed base of their favourite cartoon. From avengers of the marvel universe to Shinchan and Doraemon of Japanese cartoons, children are obsessed with these and would love wall clocks in the room in different colours.

7. Pendulum wall clock

pendulum wall clocks are popular in India. These wall clocks give a grand effect to the wall. Indian ethnic wall clocks usually reflect a traditional style with an appealing look of the modern urban decor. Specially carved on a wooden frame, these clocks come up with great power capacity. They will give a vintage look to the house. 

8. Metallic wall clock

A metallic wall clock will make your home look fashionable and with a contemporary look. This clock looks elegant with a metallic frame. The golden roman numerals give a classic look and are great to read from afar.

9. Digital wall clock

Digital wall clocks are quite famous nowadays. They work with the help of electricity. They not only show time but also shows the day, date and temperature of the room. They come with a battery backup that keeps it running in case of no electricity. These come in different colours of LED like blue, red and green. These can be used in any room or hall or workplace. The fast colours attract the eye of the viewer. They give a modern look.

So this was a quick guide for the personalized wall clocks to be hung in your bedrooms. It depends on your choice and preference which one you want to choose for your room. Choose and enjoy the cosy and comfortable environment of the room with your specialized wall clocks.

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