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Are you the type of person who shies away from telling you about your company? We get you. Before saying a word, thoughts like these pester you “I don’t want to be pushy”,  “Why would anyone care” or even “How do I initiate”. 

Mark our words – your fear of judgement is indeed NOT going to take your business places.

As much as being humble and modest is a blessing, you must not think spreading the word about your own company would be an inconvenience or a waste of time. After all, what’s the use of those expensive marketing techniques that you are incurring when you can’t be proud of your business? 

This is why business cards were made for introverts like us (may god bless the inventor). 

Not all of us are born with an innate talent for sales – especially not narrating the whole rationale of business in front of someone we’ve just met. Business cards are handy and are the best medium to stir a conversation between people.

Despite the fact that we live in the digital era, the business card remains a tried-and-true tool for people to identify themselves and their work—and, more importantly, to be remembered.

Custom Business cards are particularly powerful because they allow recipients to carry a piece of a discussion with them. It’s a remembrance that includes not just the substance but also the context—the location, the body language, and, of course, an understanding of what the business is about.

How Business Cards Are Still In Action Despite The Digital Age

If you already have your doubts about visiting cards, then it’s time to blow them off. Offline marketing offers a degree of credibility even in the internet age. It serves as confirmation that businesses are who they claim to be, and as a result, offline marketing will always play a part in business. 

In fact, 72% of people rate a firm or person based on their business card, naturally because people anticipate a business card to take a lot of time and effort. However, business cards provide a sense of security since they showcase your direct contact information, giving recipients the impression that they are receiving an exclusive, personal service.

Some might again question visiting cards’ credibility. Don’t worry, we’re almost there. 

“Well, Uhm, okay, sure, I’ve plenty of information on my website’s “Contact Us” page and other sources.”  Think again – the purposes are entirely different. You use your business card to introduce yourself or invite sales opportunities. Contact Us is for satiating the curiosity of visitors coming to your website.

In a nutshell, these sources on your website do not make the individual feel unique or cared for. Not to add, even though we live in the digital era, the internet is not always accessible. Do you afford to lose the opportunity to connect with an interested lead? Of course not. 

Let ‘em dig into their pockets a bit & they’ll instantly be reminded of you 🙂

Did You Know?

Business Cards were originally from China. The etiquette of handing out a card addressing their business or home dates back to the 15th century – which tells that the Visiting card culture was way ahead of its time. 

Versatility That Speaks For Itself

The corporate sector has recently seen a gazillion of significant transformations. With hybrid work becoming the norm, in-person meetings and sales presentations are becoming less common. However, this does not imply that more traditional approaches like business cards have lost their lustre. Business cards are now evolving to keep up with the changes.

The remote revolution has undoubtedly compelled businesses to boost their creative game. With so many firms jostling for viewers’ attention, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter. However, when other businesses are jumping to unnecessarily costly solutions, you can simply do away with a card. 

You will have to integrate your digital efforts with real interactions to assist prospects in order for leads to trust your brand and repeat your messaging. For example, if you just finished a webinar, send them your business card in the mail to create a joyful, unprompted moment of unpacking.

Also, in a world where everyone’s LinkedIn layout is the same, personalized business cards can be your saviour; they are less expensive than developing a website and purchasing digital marketing tools.

We’re sure that just like everyone, you would barely recall the names and titles you came across in a meeting. Memory loss can be a problem for Google, but not cards for business. 

They’re less expensive and more customised, but they also foster a deeper relationship between people, which is considerably more valuable than any number of internet introductions.

Tell Me What You Have That I Don’t! – Digital Tools To Business Cards

With businesses increasingly functioning entirely online, there has been a strong emphasis on digital introductions—sending emails, and marketing oneself through a variety of platforms.

 However, we are often overwhelmed with all of these – making us insensitive to introductions that may actually help us. “Oh, another message from someone I don’t know that I wouldn’t probably bother to read,” we think. 

And then that *thoughtful* message ends up in your trash.

The materiality of cards for business provides a sensory takeaway that is more difficult to ignore or forget. Imagine running your hand across rough wood. Now, replace it with a well-polished marble.

 Perhaps you have a favourite pair of linens or a favourite t-shirt that just feels nice on.  These encounters stay with us because they elicit a sensation – and you could incorporate these on customized visiting cards or even custom flyers.

Handing out a card for your business is like a virtual handshake. It counts as greeting the other person. Plus, they are your best escape from sending cheesy emails to your prospects.

Final Thoughts

Business cards inject life into your brand and once you start exploring, the opportunities to express your individuality are limitless. The instant rush to the internet has made print material more alluring and valuable due to its scarcity. It can be said that Visiting cards are highly underrated & can capture people’s attention far faster than digital ploys. Consider sliding in a custom business card in a package being dispatched to a customer – this makes for a remarkable brand recall.

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