What To Do If Your Bus Is Hit By A Drunk Driver?

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 Roadside accidents are increasing every day as the volume of traffic has greatly increased on the roads. You can never be truly safe on the roads whether you are riding a bike, driving a car, or an innocent passenger on the bus. A car accident attorney can help you out if you have been in a car accident, but what to do when you are an innocent passenger of a bus that was hit by a drunk driver? 


If you have faced catastrophic injury in a bus-car collision, you are liable for compensation. Here is what you need to know about the situation. 

Who Is Responsible For The Accident? 

When you are a passenger of a bus that has been in an accident, there can be multiple parties responsible for the accident. 

  • Bus driver
  • The driver of the car

If your bus driver was at fault, then your injury case will be entirely different from when you have been injured because of the fault of a drunk driver. In case your bus was hit by a drunk driver and you have faced serious injuries as a result, you can sue the car driver for your emotional and financial compensation. If the bus driver was at fault, you will have to sue the bus company. 

Public Vs Private Bus Company

When you have been a part of an accident while on a bus, you need to consider the nature of the bus company you were traveling with. 

  • Public bus – if you were in a shuttle bus, school b us or a city bus and that bus became a victim of a roadside accident, you will have to sue the government company operating the bus. You can ask for compensation for your injuries and the loss of time and money. 


  • Private bus – if you were on a tour bus or any other private bus company that is operating the bus and it becomes a part of an accident, then you can sue the private bus company for compensation for your loss if the driver was at fault. 

What You Can Get Out Of It?

Now you must be wondering what you will get out of a lawsuit after you have been severely injured in a bus accident. The answer is simple, you will get compensation for your loss. 


Your catastrophic injury attorney will make sure that the responsible party pays for the loss you have faced as a result of the accident. When you become part of an accident, you might face

  • Emotional trauma for being a part of a near-death experience. 
  • Physical injuries such as broken come, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, or anything of such sort that has made you temporarily or permanently handicapped. 

Your attorney will make sure that you are compensated for your loss in terms of financial gain. The expensive medical bills that you have paid after the accident will also be compensated by the party at fault. 

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