Is It a Good Idea to Micromanage Employees?


Did you know that 79% of employee respondents reported that they had experienced micromanagement?

When you micromanage your employees, it can be the death of your business. It can take your most talented employees and turn them into disengaged zombies.

It can make your best team members feel like they’re not trusted with their work. And it can lead to employees leaving your company because they don’t feel valued or appreciated.

The problem is that most managers don’t understand this management tactic or how it affects their employees. So they don’t even realize that they’re doing it.

If you are wondering how to stop micromanaging your employees, this short and simple guide is for you.

Don’t Let Your Ego Get in the Way

Letting go of control is hard for many managers, and it takes practice. But if you want to delegate effectively, you need to let go of your need to be right all the time.

If you’re the kind of manager who likes to have all the answers, this can be especially difficult. But if your goal is to develop competent employees, then you need to give up the need for control.

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Don’t Ask for Updates Every Hour

Understandably, you want to know how things are going on projects.

But asking for constant updates will make it seem as if you don’t trust your employee’s judgment or ability to self-manage. You should only ask for updates if there’s a specific reason to do so.

You can also use check-ins to find out if any issues need to be addressed immediately.

Don’t Second-Guess Their Decisions

If an employee makes a decision in his area of expertise, let him make it. Even if it turns out not to be the right one.

You’ll learn more about how he thinks by letting him try things out than by second-guessing him all the time and jumping in with advice before he’s ready for it.

If the employee’s decision turns out to be a bad one, you can always discuss it later. Jumping in too soon will make him feel as if he has no control over his work and that he has to ask permission for every move he makes.

Support Their Efforts

When an employee makes a decision, support it. If he’s going to try something new or innovative, encourage him to do so.

It’s hard to be creative when you have no support.

If you don’t support your employee’s efforts, they’ll have no reason to try new things. Remember that managers can be a tremendous influence on their people and their work environment.

Micromanage: The One Thing That Can Kill Your Business

When you micromanage your employees, they’ll feel as if they’re not trusted.

This can cause them to lose motivation. As a manager, your job is to support your employees and make them feel comfortable enough in their roles that they want to try new things.

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