What Are the 3 Most Dangerous & Common Scams Which Occur Online

Online dating scams

Online Dating Scams:

Now let’s start with online dating scams which are by far the most common type of scam in 2022 and in previous years. Online dating scams mainly take place on online dating applications and on fake dating sites. These scams primarily include the scammer approaching the victim by developing a strong connection with them. 

The scammer starts the relationship by convincing the victim that they’re madly in love and these online dating scams take place through romantically manipulating people and then asking them for money. There are several types of online dating scams which include military scams, code verification scams, fake dating websites and malware scams. 

These are just a few online dating scams however there are numerous others. These scams are also known as romance scams or romance fraud and they end up with the scammers king them for money or obtaining enough financial information to create a fake profile.

 These scams are becoming very common and the numbers keep on rising. Online dating scams mainly take place through tinder or other fake dating websites that extract personal information from users to steal money from their bank accounts. 

Phishing Scams:

Phishing scams are becoming increasingly popular and these types of scams mainly target consumers by sending them an email that appears to be from a well known source. This source can either be from an internet provider or from a bank. These scams ask the consumer for providing personal information. 

Now these phishing scams mainly use the information to open new accounts and invade the existing accounts of consumers. Now phishing is a very common social engineering tactic that is used to send fraudulent messages mainly designed to trick people into providing sensitive information.

This sensitive information is used to access the bank account or create fake profiles as the actual person and then steal money. This is a common tactic used by scammers. These scammers use malicious software to attack people and then scam them.

Online Shopping Scams:

Online shopping scams are commonly used by scammers all across the world. These types of scams involve scammers that are pretending to be legitimate online sellers and these scammers are operating through a fake shopping website. In addition to using a fake shopping website, scammers also use fake ads on genuine websites.

Moreover, online scammers also use these websites to extract personal financial information. This information can be used to get access into their bank accounts. Online shopping scams also take place by scammers buying fake followers and asking clients for advance payments and then disappearing as soon as the scam takes place.

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