Scam Alert: You Can Get Your Money Back from Your Scammer Now!


As hard as it is to get money back from scammers it’s not impossible. There are a few tactics and tips you need to follow if you want to recover money from scammers. Here are five tips and tactics that you need to follow if you want to get back money from a scammer. Follow these tips and you’ll hopefully recover your money back from these scammers. 

  1. Keep all the evidence and note everything down: 

Now the number one tip I can give you when you get scammed is to record all the information. Now once you get scammed you need to record everything and I mean literally everything. The first thing a scammer does is delete all the information and their existence so that you can’t track them. So your job is to firstly note down every little thing and take screenshots to mainly gather all the evidence. This is pivotal because this will ensure you have proof of everything and you can easily give this to the respective authorities. If you fail to do this the scammer is likely to get away. So please note down everything because the authorities can track if some similar scams have taken place.

2.Report it to the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC): 

Now the second step is to report the crime which is mainly by going to the respective authorities. You can go and report the crime to the federal trade commission and this is yet another important step. In addition to gathering information you need to report the crime as these authorities have past data  and they can easily track the scammer by seeing if any similar crimes have taken place. 


  1. Check all your account for any suspicious activity: 

Another thing you need to do when you get scammed is to check your banking information. You need to check your bank account and you need to check both your statements. This is mainly because these scammers use your personal information to get into your bank and steal money which is why you need to alert your bank. If you see any suspicious activity or if you see any suspicious transactions then you need to report it immediately. 

  1. Go report it to a funds recovery company:

The last step you need to do once you get scammed is hiring a funds recovery company. This is mainly because you need someone to track the scammer and get you your money back. As much as the authorities have information a proper finds recovery company will help you recover your money. 

TheClaimers is an excellent funds recovery company which is ideal for any customer who gets scammed. They have a group of professionals that help you recover your money. 

The Claimers to your rescue: 

Now you might be wondering why you should listen to me and why you should follow this article. Let’s go over a short backstory of how I got scammed through a fake dating site. I was casually scrolling and came across this exceptional website that advertised marriages and picture perfect couples and matches. I went through the website and then I decided to use it. I ended up losing almost 500 dollars from my account because I was stupid enough to give them my parents name and my card number since I thought it was probably for verification and for building my profile. To my disappointment it was all a scam. 

While I was depressed with what had happened I was eager to get my money back which led me to this exceptional funds recovery company known as TheClaimers. My friend had recently lost money through a fake dating website as well and she contacted TheClaimers which led to her recovering her money and reporting the website. I did the same and I contacted this company. The entire process was so smooth and the staff at TheClaimers ensured that I was updated and I recovered all my money. This is why this funds recovery company is ideal for all the people that have lost money through fake dating sites or any other form of dating scams. In addition to being a funds recovery company, TheClaimers also has a website which lists down the various types of dating scams, how to avoid them and the red flags that allow you to recognize the scammer. This website is truly a lifesaver and all the information in this article is also taken from TheClaimers. So what are you waiting for? Go check the website out and avail the numerous services it has to offer!

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