What are Security Cameras and their Advantages

Security cameras and video surveillance.

Holidays end with routine resumes, meaning it’s easier to predict those hours of the day when houses in a neighborhood are empty. In this aspect, a study reveals that it is during the morning when more incidents in homes are identified. Exactly the hours where most of the thefts take place is between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

If you have already begun to hear cases of theft in your area and want to protect yourself against them, pay attention to the following technological solution that will help you guarantee the safety of your home: Security cameras and video surveillance

Among others, indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras are a great way to combat incidents. In addition, you can connect them to your mobile phone, thus being able to be aware of any unexpected situation that may occur in your home. 

Here we tell you everything you need to know about security cameras or video surveillance cameras for the home.

What are security cameras, and how do they work? 

Security cameras capture video images of various areas or the entire home. It works in such a way that these images can be viewed in real-time from a mobile phone or consult those previously recorded. In this way, total protection is provided for your home and your family, both when you are inside and when you are away from home.

In addition, security and video surveillance systems can work in different ways to ensure greater protection of the home: 

With secure encryption

Video files are encrypted with Full Link Communication Encryption, so their original sender makes them secret files that their recipient can only decode.

Using live alerts

You can receive notifications, text, and email, call alerts, or trigger an alarm immediately if security breaches. For example, if the locks have a low battery, are tampered with, or someone tries to break the lock.

With video doorbell link

With a smart lock and video doorbell connected, you can screen and talk to visitors, answering the door from anywhere. It does not require an external power supply to begin its operation and starts capturing.

In addition, we recommend you assess the installation of three intelligent security systems for complete home protection. These are complementary to each other and consist of the installation of: 

  • Detectors: Install motion detectors (infrared and night vision / built-in flash) in doors and windows, fire detectors, SOS, etc. They are presented as a perfect solution to detect the unexpected access of people to your home.
  • Alarms: These are state-of-the-art alarms with notifications to the mobile phone. It provides early intrusion detection thanks to shock sensor technology for doors and windows.
  • Cameras: As we already mentioned, surveillance cameras are a must to protect your home’s interior or exterior areas. These allow you to see at any time what is happening in your home or business. They take protection to the next level!

For any questions, click here to consult all the information on our website in the security and video surveillance systems section. 

Advantages of installing a home security and video surveillance system

Deterrence capacity

Security systems such as surveillance cameras are one way to eliminate or reduce the entry of intruders into the home. This happens because homes protected by video surveillance are not easy targets for thieves.

Security and protection

It would be best if you did not wait until it’s too late. The only way to protect yourself against intruders entering your home is by taking the proper steps in advance.  

With the appropriate security systems, you protect your home against possible theft. You also avoid emergencies you can detect immediately, such as a fire. 

More ease and greater peace of mind

Since a home security system means having 24-hour silent surveillance that protects us and increases our margin of safety.


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