Warehouse Management Tips

warehouse management

Running an efficient warehouse is critical to getting products to customers on time, but not every company invests in a warehouse management process. Believe it or not, one-third of businesses don’t have a management plan in place. That leads to inefficient processes that slow down the people working in your warehouse.

Optimizing your warehouse is a must if you want to provide your customers with great service and fast shipping. Use the warehouse management tips below to ensure you don’t run into problems shipping products to your customers.

Sort Inventory by Popularity

Most businesses have products that make up more of their income than others. Some of your products will be bigger winners, with others making up fewer sales. While there’s nothing wrong with this in practice, it can cause headaches for your picking team if you don’t organize correctly.

What happens if you store popular products at the opposite end of your warehouse and your team travels back and forth to get items to ship constantly? Your team will waste too much time traveling back and forth and be unable to pack as many products during the day.

Place your popular products close to your shipping station to reduce the transit time of your team.

Invest in Storage and Tools

Your team probably wastes a lot of time doing redundant tasks. They may have to lug ladders around to reach items on high shelves or use inefficient methods of transporting products. You have to ask yourself, how much money does that wasted time cost your business?

Investing in storage and tools costs more upfront but will eventually pay itself off with added productivity. You can invest in pallet tools that allow your team to pick products from pallet racking quickly. It’s also possible to purchase drive in racking to make using your pallet tools easier.

Other tools will benefit you based on your needs, so be sure to research everything available.

Use Warehouse Management Software

You only have so much time in the day to work. If you spend all that time on simple tasks, you won’t have time to take on more important work that moves the needle in your business.

You can find warehouse management solutions that help in every part of warehouse management. You can use inventory management software to keep track of your current stocks. It’s also possible to use tracking software that will help your picking team find products instead of remembering where everything is.

On top of that, you can collect a lot of data with warehouse software. You’ll be able to track your best sellers, create inventory forecasting, and much more. That’s all data you can use to make better decisions and run a more efficient warehouse.

Make Sure You Take Warehouse Management Seriously

Your warehouse is one bottleneck in your business that you don’t want to have. You can have the best product on the market, but if you can’t get it to your customers on time, you won’t get any returning customers.

Ensure you use the warehouse management tips above to optimize your operation. Of course, make sure you keep learning more tips in the future to continue improving warehouse productivity.

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