A Guide to Pillow Sizes for Every Type of Bed

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Getting that well-deserved beauty sleep is hard enough, but now you have to figure out what size pillows you need to complete your new sleep setup. Using our pillow size guide, you can choose a pillow and skip all the research to get your bedroom ready for sleep so you can focus on choosing your favorite bed sheets.

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Before you started shopping, you probably didn’t realize how many pillow sizes there are out there. Each has unique dimensions and is best suited to specific mattress sizes and sleeper types. Even if you’re comfortable sticking with a standard pillow size, it may not be the best pillow for you if you go the simple route.

Standard Bed Pillow Size

20 x 26 in | 51 x 66 cm

A standard bed pillow fits well on a twin or full-size mattress. With full mattresses being 53 inches (134.5 cm) wide, opting for two standard pillows would fill the width of the mattress. However, twin mattresses are much smaller and will only fit one standard pillow.

Being one of the smallest sleeping pillows you’ll find, it takes three standard pillows to cover the span of a king-size mattress. Because of this, normal sized pillow fills are not the best option for larger beds.

Super Standard Pillow Size

20 x 28 in | 51 x 71 cm

In terms of size, the super standard pillow is two inches longer than its little brother, the standard pillow, and two inches shorter than the queen pillow, making it the perfect in-between option.

If you only want to use one pillow, then a super standard pillow would work well for a twin or full-size mattress as well, but it would not fit across a full or full XL mattress. If you prefer to use only one pillow, a super standard pillow would work well for a twin or full-size mattress as well.

Queen Pillow Size

20 x 30 in | 51 x 76 cm

Queen size pillows fit well on queen size mattresses. If you have a twin bed, using two queen size pillows can make it look as if you have a queen size bed. If you prefer a more full look on a twin bed, using one queen size pillow will suffice.

In general, queen pillows fit snugly in standard-size pillowcases, so you don’t need to buy a different size unless you prefer a looser look.

King Pillow Size

20 x 36 in | 51 x 92 cm

You’ll usually find king-size pillows on king-size or California-king mattresses. While you can put a king-size pillow on a twin bed instead of a king-size bed, you’ll only get an inch of mattress on each side. It would be a good pillow for you if this is what you’re looking for, or if you prefer a king-size pillow.

Be sure to purchase pillowcases that specifically state they fit king-size pillows since the size of this sleeping pillow doesn’t fit in a standard pillowcase.

Body Pillow Size

20 x 54 in | 51 x 137 cm

While body pillows may not be your first thought when thinking of other pillow sizes, don’t discount their use. As the longest of all the other pillow sizes, they fit only across queen or king beds.

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