Vehicle maintenance: What does it include?


When you buy a new car, you rightly think that you will not have to worry in any way about its maintenance for quite some time. In reality, this is a misconception, a possible reason why even a new car sometimes creates more of a problem. Every car has a maintenance plan that must be respected with a certain rigor if you demand maximum driving safety and want to avoid having to stop in the middle of a journey.

We will study the periodic operations necessary and when it is important to carry them out, such as the oil change and the replacement of the wiper blades. We will see the checks to do before embarking on a trip and an online general store to get all your car accessories.

Ordinary maintenance of the vehicle

When you buy your car, you are provided with a scheduled maintenance plan, in which you will have some operations carried out at the end of a specific deadline. The car manufacturers indicate the latter based on the kilometers traveled or the time elapsed from the date of first registration indicated in the vehicle registration document.

You can buy car accessories online at our store while complying with these requirements. The negative consequences of your possible negligence could be for your car, and you would have to perform car maintenance again. We list the primary routine car maintenance interventions:

Oil change 

Changing your car oil at least once a year or after moving about every 9320.5679 miles will be best. It is recommended to halve the period indicated if you use the vehicle for sport; that is, you run the engine at high revs for most of its use (always above 4 × 1000 rpm). 

Oil replacement must always include the change of the special filter to avoid mixing the new oil with the used one and that there is no obstruction to the circulation of the liquid. This is an essential operation, as the oil contributes to the optimal lubrication of the mechanical parts inside the engine block. An example is that bad oil quality could cause irreparable damage to the main bearings, connecting rods, and camshafts on the cylinder head.

Change spark plugs (excluding diesel vehicles)

It would be best to replace the spark plugs approximately every 18641.136 miles to avoid ignition problems. The most common symptoms consist of difficulty in starting the engine. But in some cases, you can also feel slight drops in power and excessive consumption. 

It may also happen that the engine runs by pulling a piston because the spark does not strike in the relative combustion chamber. Keep in mind that in some cases, it may be necessary to replace the cables leading to the spark plugs for the same reason.

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Tire check

This is a fundamental operation for safety purposes. You must check that the tires have an inflation pressure equal to that indicated in the use and maintenance booklet. This is generally a value between 2 and 2.5 atmospheres.

In addition, you have to check that the tires have a tread of not less than 1.6 mm and are suitable for the current season. Always remember also to check the spare wheel, which is essential in the event of a puncture.

Change of the wiper blades

It may seem like an insignificant detail, but the wiper operation is subject to an overhaul of the vehicle, and you are required to replace the blades when they prove inefficient.

Cleaning the air filter

Like spark plugs, you should replace or clean the air filter every 12427.424 miles to 18641.136 miles. A dirty air filter could compromise carburetion. In this case, the symptoms can differ: they range from loss of power to ignition difficulties.

Replacement of the cabin filter

This operation allows you to make the cabin healthier, which otherwise could be polluted by dust or allergens, but also by viruses that are dangerous to health.


You’ll need to get some car accessories regardless of the maintenance you want to perform. It is also important to check the lights and the operation of the various electronic devices supplied with the vehicle. In this case, you will need car washing and electronics products. You can perform electronic gadgets online shopping at Nouvoko to get all you need.

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