How to choose a kennel for my dog, both indoor and outdoor


Kennels are very important for dogs that live or spend much of their time outside the home. In summer, it allows them to have a comfortable place in the shade, and in winter, they become indispensable since the dogs find shelter and protection from bad weather.

However, there are small dog houses that serve as indoor dog houses. This article will discuss all the characteristics of a standard doggie house. Stick around till the end if you’re looking for dog houses under the stairs and outdoors.

What are the best measurements for a doghouse?

When choosing a doghouse and ensuring it is comfortable for our furry friend, the most important thing is to take the correct measurements. 

As a general rule, the kennel should allow the dog to enter, turn around and lie down inside. Smaller sizes will make it awkward, and larger sizes will make it frigid in the winter. If you have two dogs that get along, they can share the same kennel and thus keep each other warm, and they will keep each other more company!

When assessing the measurements of a doghouse, we must reference the measurements of the dog that is going to use it and, based on these, choose the kennel with the most suitable size for it.

The measures that you must take into account are the following:

  1. Height at the withers: The house’s entrance must not be less than ¾ of this measurement. However, if it is too wide, heat will be lost; so it should not be much larger.
  2. Length (not counting the tail): The width and length of the kennel must be equal to or 25% greater than this measurement so that the dog can move comfortably inside. For example, if the dog’s length is 50 cm, the inside of the kennel should measure between 50 and 63 cm in length and width.
  3. Head Height: The overall height of the kennel should be 25-50% higher than this measurement. That is, if the dog is 60 cm tall at the withers, the highest part of the roof should be 75 or 90 cm from the ground.

As you can see, a big doghouse won’t have the same dimensions as a medium or small doghouse. For this reason, we stress the need to use measures as a guide when selecting a kennel for your animal buddy.

How do I protect my dog’s kennel from the cold?

You may pick a shed with a door on one side, better shielding the inside from the wind and providing greater protection against the cold. Better water drainage and infiltration are achieved with a gabled or sloping roof.

Conveniently, the wooden sheds have been treated to make them watertight. Additionally, if you are in an area with extreme cold, seek a shed with adequate wall insulation, and be sure to install a door that retains heat.

Don’t forget to place a bed or warm blankets inside your animal friend’s kennel so that he may curl up there for added warmth and comfort.

Differences between wooden sheds, plastic sheds, and cushion sheds

When selecting a doghouse, you must consider the best dimensions for your pet and the material used in building the doghouse.

Because wood is a strong thermal insulator, wooden sheds are not only more appealing but also warmer. Since the wood rots when it comes in touch with moisture, they have the drawback of requiring additional upkeep. The shelter must thus have legs that separate it from the ground. Installing a doghouse door and a heat-retaining mattress is also a smart option if you live in a chilly region. 

The models and sizes of wooden doghouses are very varied, with several floors and a terrace! We also advise you to search for a shed that is simple to clean. Some sheds even include an opening in the roof that makes cleaning much easier.

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On the other hand, plastic sheds have some really adorable patterns and are quite strong. Because they are made of a non-porous material that makes it impossible for germs and fungus to grow, plastic sheds are extremely sanitary and simple to clean. It is advisable to incorporate a dog house bed that retains heat and ensures the dog’s comfort because plastic does not insulate as well as wood.

Lastly, the cushion sheds are the best match for indoor dog houses. These sheds have pleasing designs that make your dog always want to be associated with and often stay. They are hygienic and easy to clean, with almost all parts detachable. This detachment encourages thorough cleaning and drying after washing it. Another amazing feature of cushion houses is that you can fold them to create space during the day when your dog is active.


Remember that at Groomy Store, you will find the most comfortable and beautiful dog house with a porch so that your pet lives comfortably and happily in winter and summer. If you have questions about how to choose a kennel for your dog or what are the most suitable dog kennel measurements, do not hesitate to reach out to us at our online store, we will help you find the best option!

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