Turning an adult slumber party into a night to remember

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Slumber parties are without a doubt one of the best childhood memories a girl can have. The outfits, music, dancing, snacks, movies, late-night talks with your girlfriends and all the fun you had make sleepovers truly special moments that remain etched in one’s memory forever. As an adult, you might feel nostalgic about those carefree times and miss the excitement and fun of a good ol’ sleepover. You’re also probably thinking that it would be great if you could bring that feeling back into your adult life.

Well, the great thing about being an adult is that you don’t have to ask your parents’ permission to attend or host a sleepover because you get to do whatever you want. If you want to throw an amazing party with your girls, there’s nothing stopping you from putting your plan into action. First of all, sleepovers don’t come with an age restriction. You can enjoy them as a child and as an adult. Secondly, adult slumber parties can be even more fun than the ones you used to have as a child, considering you are now free to plan them however you want, with plenty of booze and games to keep you entertained from dusk till dawn and no time restrictions to worry about.

So, if you want to enjoy some sleepover magic as an adult and plan a night to remember for you and your friends, here’s what you need to do.

Get creative with the décor

The first thing you have to think of is preparing the venue, aka your living room or the largest room you have at your disposal. With a bit of imagination and some fun decorations, you can turn even the dullest space into a great party setting and create the perfect ambience for an unforgettable sleepover experience.

If you don’t know where to begin, we suggest you start with the basic sleepover décor: balloons, banners and hanging decorations in bright and sparking colours are just perfect to get the party vibe going. Adding some twinkling lights and candles, and an abundance of pillows and throws (or even mattresses if you want to be a little extra) will help you to make the space cosy and welcoming. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can put your DIY skills to the test and craft some decorations yourself. This will also help you save some money since you’ll probably find most of these craft materials in your own home.

Pick your PJs

One of the best things about slumber parties is the lack of a dress code, or better said the possibility to wear whatever you like and feel comfortable wearing since you’ll be spending the night in and you won’t have to deal with the pressure of choosing a perfect party attire. You and your friends can decide if you want to wear matching pajamas or if you prefer a blend of different outfits, be it cute onesies, sexy slip dresses, or comfy lounge sets.

That being said, you’ll still want to look and feel pretty, even if you’re not going out on the town. Comfort and style aren’t mutually exclusive, so picking a new pair of cool tie dye pajamas or luxurious loungewear set from a Canadian sleepwear brand will instantly elevate your sleepover look and make you shine all through the night.

Prepare the perfect playlist

Can you even call it a party without some killer tunes playing in the background? We think not. so, you better have a great playlist ready to bring the good vibes and get everyone dancing. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of handpicking every song, Spotify can come to the rescue with a great slumber party playlist.

But if you happen to forget about music altogether, you shouldn’t worry too much. This can turn into an opportunity to get all your girls engaged in a fun game where everyone takes turns playing DJ. That’s also a great thing to do if you want to ensure a bit of variation and throw all your friends’ music taste together.

Have lots of snacks ready

Booze and junk food are not only allowed; they’re an absolute requirement. Whether you’re planning to watch some movies together or you want to dance the night away, you’ll need some fuel to keep you going. So, you’ll need a generous selection of drinks to quench your thirst and just as many snacks to munch on all night long.

If you don’t know what to pick, you can ask your friends what drinks and foods they prefer to take the guesswork out of the equation. But as a general rule, pizza, chips and dips and popcorn are always a good idea for slumber parties. And if you run out of supplies, you can order in or get in the kitchen and prepare something really quick.

Plan fun activities

We’re pretty sure that you don’t need any roadmap to have fun when you gather your friends for an adult sleepover. You’ll surely have plenty of things to talk about and just enough crazy ideas to keep you busy for hours on end. However, it wouldn’t hurt to plan some fun activities in advance, so that you don’t waste time trying to decide what to do next.

From homemade spa treatments and cooking together to the outrageously fun charades or thrilling board games, there are so many activities and games to choose from that you’ll probably need a whole week of slumber parties to go through them. You might as well invent your own games if you like to be spontaneous and improvise.

In the end, there’s no recipe or rules for throwing an awesome adult slumber party. You can include all the crazy ideas that you and your friends would enjoy and plan a party that you’ll always remember fondly.


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