5 Must-Have Items For A Perfect Aesthetic Wardrobe: A Detailed Guide


When Margaret Wolfe Hungerford popularised the statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, she had already defined the concept of beauty as a matter of individual perceptions. What one might find truly appealing, another might dismiss purely as over the top or boring. However, when artistic taste and beauty merged to endorse the principle of aesthetics that celebrates and appreciates the beauty of all kinds, an entirely new avenue of creative ideas in fashion is unearthed. As the youth of Generation Z wants to amalgamate the latest trends along with aesthetics to refine the trends, a new direction can be observed in the world of fashion where the sole purpose is to design something which is not only comfortable, and trendy, but also appealing to the eye for everybody. It does not even have to be muted colours or monochromatic patterns or classic fabrics to compete with the sensational, bold, quirky, and sometimes even the wackiest sense of fashion. In order to cater to the individual fetish for themes of the youth, aesthetic outfits are designed by combining the latest ideas in fashion along with some classic features that are beautiful to everyone, while at the same time allowing multiple themes to be explored. Amongst some of the very common themes that define the concept of aesthetic outfits are academia, soft girl, streetwear, and so on.

 So, if you are reconsidering how to revamp your wardrobe by updating the latest collection or throwing out the unworn items you have been wanting to get rid of for a very long time, here is a list of some must-have items that you could add to your list of perfect aesthetic outfits. 

  1. Graphic Tees

Your wardrobe might be stuffed with all those anime and movie merchandise and you have already forgotten those graphic T-shirts that you purchased back then which burned a hole in your pocket! Well, creating aesthetic outfits is the right way to reshuffle all your graphic T-shirts and pair them with anything that you please, starting from denim shirts, monochromatic skirts, or casual jeans.

  1. The Rainbow blouses

Remember how you used to add all the colours of the rainbow to the outfit that you put on yourself every time you drew a picture of yourself? Well, your imagination can come true if you find one of the most prominent pieces of the 90s clothing style, that is the rainbow shirt or blouse to add to your wardrobe. These are usually loose-fitted and can be paired with high-waist jeans, casual shirts, or even a swimsuit.

  1. Floral pants

For some, floral motifs might be too gaudy or over the top, while on the other hand, some women prefer to manifest their feminine side by adding more floral patterns to their clothes. This is exactly where aesthetic outfits come in to unite both these individual preferences into one single product and a pair of floral-printed pants is one such example. If you are too bored of the regular work trousers or that age-old denim, which you also do not want to part with, these floral pants can save you while becoming a must-have as your aesthetic outfits. These are so simple you could pair them with crop tops, casual T-shirts, graphic T-shirts, or a short blouse.

  1. Denim – the saviour

No matter how many pairs you have or how many shades you possess, the number of denim pieces in your wardrobe would never be enough. So, it is high time you scrounge through your wardrobe and do check whether you have all of them from the list: high-waist denim, skinny denim pants, denim jacket, ankle-length denim jeans, itsy bitsy shorts, or the super trendy ripped ones. No matter what you are wearing with these, be it casual T-shirts, crop tops, or semi-formal shirts, you will be the head-turner hands down.

  1. The white shirt

Although black and white mostly dominate conference rooms or business meets, a white shirt is a mandatory part of your aesthetic wardrobe. This staple piece of clothing saves the day when there is nothing that you could find suitable enough to match the occasion. It is undoubtedly the most preferred thing for both men and women who are too busy to add some colour to their office wardrobe and always reach out for a white shirt every time they are late for a meeting. However, you could always style your white shirt with a maxi skirt, your favourite denim, or as a layer with the spaghetti-sleeved dress and you can already feel the vibe of your aesthetic outfits.

Following the principle of aesthetics, you could wear whatever your eyes find soothing and attractive but at the same time, it is also important to be yourself in whatever you wear. There might be multiple items lying in your wardrobe that you have not touched in years or wear regularly, but a little bit of change in pairing could revamp your entire collection and bring out your taste in aesthetic clothes.

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