Top 7 beauty tips from professional makeup artist


Whether you’re a makeup newbie or a veteran, there’s always an opportunity for growth. You might be a pro at crafting the perfect cat eye, but your hairstyle skills are weak. You might be a pro at contouring but can’t get a smooth layer of paint on your nails to save your life. 

Makeup is a form of art, and like any other form of art, makeup also needs teaching. Makeup artists are professionals who have been in this profession for a while and have learned a lot from their experiences. Here we have compiled a list of beauty secrets that every makeup artist swears by. 

  • Apply foundation first, then concealer.

Applying foundation before you apply the concealer is the simplest approach to improving your beauty practice. Consider this: Starting with some foundation will help to minimise any kind of redness or discolouration, almost as if you’re laying down a smooth foundation for the balance of your makeup. 

You can now use the concealer to address any remaining zits or redness, and you’ll use fewer products. Another advantage? To avoid any kind of caking or creasing, use foundation first, then use your concealer.

  • Use your blush generously. 

For the ultimate flush of youth, use two hues of blush. The apple of the cheek should be painted pink or in the red family to provide the illusion of blood rising to the surface. Apply peach, coral, or any other orange-based colour on the highest point of the cheekbone to create an illusion of heat rising. 

Apply a matte bronzer to the skin where the sun strikes the face to finish. Layer a gel formula under a powder or bronzer when you need your blush to last all day. Apply your favourite blush on the apple of your cheeks before applying foundation for a glow that appears to have come from beneath the skin.

  • Use spoolie brush to groom your brows.

You’ll have to do the second-best thing if you don’t have the time to do the arches using a spoolie on busy days when you don’t have time to fill them in. Even if you have time to use powders, gels, as well as pencils, you should still use a spoolie to prep your brows—it only takes 20 seconds, and it’s a quick way to ensure all the brow hairs are in the perfect place before applying the products.

  • What you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to foundation.

If you’ve ever picked the perfect foundation shade at a store, it seems different when you get home? Fluorescent lighting can deceive the eyes while swatching foundation shades at the store counter, so she created her method. 

Before deciding on a foundation shade, it’s a good idea to go outside and take a few photos in natural light as well as under various lighting circumstances. This will give you great confidence that your chosen colour will look good on you in any setting.

  • Before using concealer, consider using a cream.

Melanin-rich skin is vulnerable to dark circles and pigmentation, but makeup experts believe appropriate formulas can help disguise the problem. But, before you get too involved with textures and coverage, pay attention to your eye cream. 

Before applying any concealer to your face, the key point to remember is to verify that your skin is properly primed. Use an excellent eye cream to keep your concealer in place and prevent it from creasing. The best thing to use is loose translucent powder to set the concealer once applied. Puff the powder with a puffer. Not even a smidgeon! When using concealer with a brush, the creamy smoothness of the concealer is not set properly.

  • Before you apply lipstick, exfoliate your lips.

When are applying lipstick but it doesn’t apply on evenly, you know what I’m talking about. Prepare your lips using a light lip scrub; the proper exfoliation is going to help buff off any kind of skin accumulated on your lips, leaving a smoother, smoother canvas for the lip products. Remember that lip scrubs have to be used only once every week at most—any more and you risk creating irritation.

  • Apply your liner in layers.

Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrities pull off a high-impact smoky eye on the red carpet? We’ve got you covered. If you want to make your eyeliner look more intense, start with a kohl pencil and finish with a liquid or cream eyeliner. 

Since the pencil’s tip is chubbier, it glides easily, covers a large area, and lets you get very near the lash line, as opposed to liquid, making it harder to achieve that flawless finish if you don’t apply it every day. Start by applying a pencil, smudging it with your fingers, and then finishing with a cream or liquid liner whenever you want an intense appearance.

Tips and tricks for achieving the best makeup looks

  • To get perfect eyeliner every time, use the connect-the-dots approach. This is a fantastic method for newbies to learn how to conquer the elusive wing.
  • To improve the colour and staying power of your makeup, spritz it with a setting spray before applying it.
  • If you’re in a rush, clear lip balm can be used to tame your brows. Dab some on the brows with your finger and rub it in.
  • With your eyes wide open and facing a mirror, apply winged eyeliner. This approach will assist you in producing symmetrical wings on both sides.
  • Try this Cupid’s bow hack for a precise lip liner application. It will enable you to apply a consistent, smooth liner on your first effort.
  • Use two elastic bands to stack ponytails on top of each other to imitate a thick, thick ponytail. This makes it obvious that your hair is longer than it is.
  • Makeup artists recommend using a cotton swab dipped in micellar water to remove makeup errors. This technique is especially beneficial around the eyes.
  • Swap your pillowcase with a silk one if you have frizzy hair every morning. Cotton is more damaging to your hair than silk.
  • To prevent the problem from worsening, use a teabag to repair a badly broken nail in minutes.

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