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7 skincare tips for dry skin

If you’re like the majority of individuals who experience dry skin, you have a love-hate relationship with it. You definitely can’t help but feel a little smug about your wonderfully even complexion when it’s hot and humid outside and everybody looks like they’ve soaked their t-zones in oil. 

Your skin transforms from being hydrated and healthy throughout the summer months to becoming dry, chapped, and irritated as the temperatures drop. Summer’s humid air keeps skin hydrated, and we’re absorbing more of the nourishing elements in vitamin D due to spending a lot of time outside in the sun.

When the surrounding is dry and the only breeze is scorching, your face may feel strained and stretched thin, and your complexion may seem dull. The good news is that you can maintain your skin looking fantastic all year with the correct skincare products and methods. Listed below are the top tips to take care of your dry skin. 

  • Do not bathe or shower in hot water.

If you believe hot water baths is your friend — think again. When you wash your face in hot water and set the temperature up too high, you can strip your skin of essential oils, which can promote dryness. That’s why lukewarm water is crucial, especially if you already have dry skin.

Hot water is not beneficial for dry skin since it breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, promoting moisture loss. Take shorter showers with warm water to soothe dry skin. Limit your showers to 5 to 10 minutes. 

  • When cleansing, be gentle.

You won’t use any fancy facewashes with microbeads or washcloths. You may wish to use a no-rinse cleansing option depending on how dry your skin is. These alternatives exfoliate grime, oil, and makeup from your skin without removing essential oils from the skin’s surface. If you choose the water and washcloth way, use a very mild cleanser (without the microbeads! ), lukewarm water, and a gentle hand.

  • Moisturise like your life depends on it.

Apply a soft-finish moisturiser shortly after cleansing or moisturising to lock in all moisture from the water. Let the skin air dry until it is wet before applying it. Do not towel dry, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the moisturiser.

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After you’ve cleansed your face, use a moisturiser right away. Moisturisers (ointments, lotions, and creams) operate by trapping moisture in your skin. To lock in this much-needed moisture, apply a moisturiser as quickly as possible after:

  • After a bath or shower, drying off
  • Taking a shower or washing your hands


  • Use an ointment or cream rather than lotion.

Lotions for dryness can be more irritating and useless than ointments and creams. Look for a cream or ointment with oil, including olive or jojoba oil, or one containing shea butter.

  • Take sun safety seriously.

This is crucial no matter which type of skin you have, but if you’re constantly dealing with rough spots and irritated skin, you might want to take Grandma’s advice sooner rather than later. Sun exposure promotes cellular damage as well as loss of moisture from your skin. Wear sunscreen, invest in a big floppy hat, and seek out cover whenever you can.

  • Use fragrance-free products

Use only fragrance-free, mild skin products. Some skincare transfarmation, like deodorant soaps, are extremely abrasive for dry, sensitive skin. Dermatologists suggest that “fragrance-free” products be used.

If the word “unscented” comes on the label, the product may contain substances that mask or neutralise the scents of other substances. Dry, sensitive skin may be irritated by these ingredients.

  • Take care of your lips.

Your lips will be dry if your complexion is. A specifically made lip balm complements your newly glowing skin with a plump, healthy, and downright beautiful pout. Look for a healing lip balm that performs well and is pleasant to the touch.

What are the causes of dry skin?

A rigorous skincare practice can lead to measurable changes in dry skin, according to a small 2022 study.

Scaling, burning, and cracking are common symptoms of dry skin, which can be aggravating. Dry skin is most found mainly on the hands, arms, and legs, but it can occur anywhere on the body.

A wide variety of conditions can cause dry skin. These include:

  • environment
  • genetics
  • hard water
  • exposure to irritants
  • excessive washing
  • medical conditions, like hypothyroidism or diabetes

Dry skin with Acne

If you have dry skin with acne, we understand your problem. Acne can develop even if you have dry skin, believe it or not. A few strategies help you help resolve blemishes while also nourishing your skin:

  • Oil-based lotions, moisturisers, and sunscreens must be avoided.
  • Only cleanse your face once a day.
  • Exfoliation, which can dry up the skin, must be avoided.
  • Drying ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid must be used sparingly.

Knees and elbows

Knees and elbows with dry patches are pretty common. You can moisturise them, in the same manner you do the rest of your body.

You might like to try an ointment rather than a cream since it is oilier and takes longer to absorb.

Dry patches on the body may be the result of a skin disorder such as eczema or psoriasis. It’s highly important to speak with your healthcare provider if you feel you’re dealing with a skin condition.

Safety for dry skin

Even though dry skin is generally harmless, it is can be caused through a condition such as psoriasis or eczema. If you detect a serious skin problem, contact your doctor.

When dealing with chemical products or water, doctors recommend wearing gloves to provide protection to your hands. Your environment — both indoors and out — could not be helping your complexion. Whether the weather is naturally cold and dry or because you spend a lot of time inside with the air conditioner on, a lack of moisture can make your skin feel even drier. Invest in a good humidifier to help with the lack of moisture.

Follow all the demonstrated dry skin care tips for keeping it hydrated always, just like Goa Escorts do in own skincare regime. 

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