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Are you tired of cell phones getting stuck now and then? Is it taking ages for the web pages to download? But didn’t you purchase this smartphone version because it was super-fast? What Happened? Why has it slowed down after a couple of years? Do you need to visit a Phone Repair Shop in Georgia, and get it repaired? First lets have a look at what makes your phone slow.

Phone Repair Shop In Georgia Explains What makes your phone slow?

The answer to this question depends on users’ usage and personal experience with their phone’s performance.

  • Animation Delays

To notice a slow phone, you dont need to be an expert. While using your phone, you will start noticing that the visual moments in your phone are slow, like a turtle, and you’ll have to wait for minutes to get to the next movement, like swiping to the next pages or apps. These delays are frustrating and can also get in the way of you, your work, and your communication. 

  • Delays in App Opening

Smartphones are manufactured in a way to work faster, but with time, this trait disappears. If you decide to watch Netflix, you tap on the Netflix app and go to get a bag of chips for yourself; when you return, it is still loading, then you have got to give it a reset. 

Best Phone Repair Service in Georgia Recommend Things to do To Make Our Cell Phone Fast:

Don’t worry, peeps! Technology slows down due to various factors. Every day more and more data is being accumulated by your smartphone, which eats up the space in your phone, reducing its ability to work faster.Best Phone Repair Service in Georgia recommends following a few steps, that can revive the speed of the smartphone without any hassle. Let’s have a look.

  1. Uninstall and delete unnecessary applications.

Don’t be an app hoarder! There are so many applications that one downloads in the hope of using them for specific reasons, thinking that you might use them later, but you don’t. This reduces the speed of your device as applications take a load of your storage space. The more area you are using, the slower your device will be. Thus, delete or uninstall the unused apps. If deleting those apps hurts, you always remember that you can reinstall them quickly if needed again. All you need to do is tap and hold on to the app’s icon that you are ready to delete, then drag it to the uninstall icon and remove it from your cell phone.

  1. Clear out the Gallery/ Photo collection of your cell phone.

Have you ever looked back at your cell phone’s gallery? So many retakes? So many bloopers? So many unnecessary screenshots? Delete them all!! Delete as many unnecessary photos, videos, and screenshots to clear up some storage space on your cell phone. Remember, the greater the memory space, the faster the cell phone will work.

  1. Delete all the unnecessary downloads on the cellphone.

You will be amazed that your cell phone has saved so many random downloads that it takes tons of space. All you need to do is download the app and delete all those unnecessary images, zip files, and videos. Sort them out and delete the ones of no use.Also, look into the Misc portion; you will be overwhelmed to see random files created by various applications taking a lot of space. Chances are that you won’t be needing them. Delete them. But before deleting any such file, make sure they are of no importance.

  1. Remove the cache data of your cell phone.

Many cellphone users don’t even know that tons of temporary data is stored on their cell phone. All you need to do to speed things up is go to the settings application and clear up the cache data. You don’t have to do this every other day. Just try doing it after every few months. Worry not! This will not remove any essential data from the cell phone.

  1. Update the operating software of the smartphone.

Instead of rushing to a cell phone repair center, if the cell phone is acting up, slowly try updating the software of the cell phone. This will also help solve any prevailing bug issues slowing your smartphone.

  1. Simplify the home screen of your smartphone.

Who does not like those fancy 3D backgrounds for screensavers? Unfortunately, they consume a lot of storage space and battery life. Thus, it is best to uninstall them and not use them.

  1. Turn off the auto sync option on your cell phone.

Auto sync is a fantastic app but also hoards up data, dragging the cell phone down and slowing it. It is best to keep it switched off.


Even after following the steps mentioned above, if your cell phone is acting up slower, it is best to take it to a Phone Repair Shop in Georgia like CSI Wireless.

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