How Does the Phone Repair Store in Oceanside Diagnose Device’s Issue?

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Mobile phones and other electronic accessories have become a part of our lives, and we can’t spend a day without them. Even a single scratch on the mobile phone or computer breaks our hearts. However, some people are there who immediately approach the best phone repair store in town before any serious issue. So they can fix the problem on time and secure their device. 

On the flip side, a customer is concerned about the tools his technician will use for their device. If you are one of those who have the same concern and often think about how they resolve your issue, this article is for you. This article will discuss some important methods your technician uses to detect the main issue. 

Issue Detecting Methods

Usually, technicians try different methods to detect the issue in your device. However, everything has a separate detecting procedure, whether a phone, tablet, or computer. 

When you approach the phone repair store in your town, they will follow the two methods for detecting the issues. 

  1. Cold Testing Methods
  2. Hot Testing Methods

Each of these methods has different steps and mechanisms that we’ll discuss in detail. 

Cold Testing Procedures

This is one of the simplest procedures that technicians at cell phone repair stores perform. However, this procedure includes testing the multimeter’s resistance, which they always use for testing the phone during the procedure. 

Interestingly, your technician doesn’t use or apply any electrical or power supply to your defective device. 

Also, this process avoids supplying the direct current to the phone’s battery if they are repairing your mobile phone. But if they are repairing your phone, then the Diode range and beep sound play a vital role in detecting the fault in the device, and these are the most important steps in the cold method procedure.  

Hot Testing Method

This is the second step that every technician at idevice pros use. It is an alternative to cold testing methods. Technicians often apply this procedure when they can’t find the issue through cold testing methods.

There is a misconception regarding the hot testing method that people often resemble it with the cold method. But the reality is completely different. The reason is that technicians use high voltages on those parts that are completely damaged. This process also includes the power supply procedures that directly connect with the device’s battery. 

Difference Between Both Methods

As both these methods are different from each other and demand complete attention, they also have entirely different procedures. However, the cold method is extremely different from the second one because it contains the multimeter’s red probe connection.

The experts at iphone repair Oceanside connect this robe with the cell phone PCB. also, the use of the black search is also common that often use in combination with the testing points of your device. 

Moreover, each robe, connector, and battery sensor have a different volume and capacity to detect the problem. 

Next Procedure of Hot Method 

Similarly, the hot testing procedure is entirely different and demands a separate process at the cell phone repair center. However, the process is highly simple and easy to go because it only uses the black search and red robe for detecting the issue. 

Components of this Methods

Here are some of the names of the tools that technicians of cell mechanics in Oceanside use: 

  • Card level 
  • Chip small level 
  • Multimeter 
  • Direct Current Power Supply
  • Battery 
  • Battery Connector 

For Electronic Components

  • Coil 
  • Resistor 
  • Capacitor 
  • Diode 
  • LED 
  • Simple Coil 
  • Boosting Coil 
  • Network IC 
  • Power IC 
  • CPU

All these are the important components and tools that often technicians of cell phone repair centers use to detect the issue. 


Here are the main benefits of testing the best cell phone repair stores: 

  • Using the proper tools and methods gives you satisfaction with the functioning of the various apps. 
  • It improves the working mechanism of the phone. 
  • Also, you can create a good reputation among your customers and in the market. 
  • If you use the right tools with the perfect method, your customers will not complain to you again.

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Using the tools and applying the right method for phone repair store, has been common. The process of tools gives you satisfaction and clarity in your job. Also, you can satisfy your customers with your services. 

Frequently Ask Questions 

Are Tools Important?

Tools help you find the exact fault or issue in the mobile phone, and you can fix it on time. 

Can I Detect the Fault with Tools?

 No, you cannot detect any fault in the phone without using any tool.

How Much Does It Cost to Check the Phone via Tools?

It depends on the technician’s services, but you can also negotiate the price. 

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