Sheth Jeebun as a Mentor

Sheth Jeebun
Sheth Jeebun

Sheth Jeebun is one of the biggest entrepreneurs working for the planet’s sustainability. He has more than 2000 employees working under his influence and has worked hard for quite a long time.

He recognizes the importance of the planet’s sustainability and knows the drawbacks of overconsumption resources.

In his student life, Sheth Jeebun was a mediocre student working for his survival. He has an Indian background but completed his studies in the United Kingdom. He did his bachelor’s in nursing in the early 1980s. Since then, he has acknowledged that he needs to work for the betterment of humanity.

He has worked in the healthcare sector for more than 30 years now. Therefore he has a lot of experience in this profession. In addition, he has experience in property development, which is another reason why he has been teaching his students for quite a long time.

Guidance To His Employees

Working under an experienced and compassionate boss is what every employee needs. However, Sheth Jeebun is not a typical type of boss. As you know, he is the director of Aster Healthcare, which is known for its exceptional healthcare services at an affordable price.

Sheth Jeebun as a mentor is what every future entrepreneur wishes for. His employees are very happy with his entrepreneurship. Sheth Jeebun wants to influence his employees so that they may treat their customers with care and strengthen the company’s foundation.

Sheth Jeebun has always wished for a work-life balance in the life of his employees. Therefore, he is introducing many incentives for the well-being of his employees, and they are not overburdened. For example, he doesn’t assign them any task on the weekends so that they may spend their maximum time with their families.

Entrepreneurship Lessons

Sheth Jeebun is a living example that you can work hard to achieve success in life. The first thing Sheth Jeebun did to succeed strong ambition.

He wanted to work in the healthcare industry and is now considered one of the best in the health industry.

One of the basic lessons that everyone can learn from the life of Sheth Jeebun is to work hard to achieve your aims. He never left his work undone; it is also one of his most proficient habits.

Sheth Jeebun reads books that are quite interesting and are related to the business. He always motivates the youth to read a book daily, encouraging the growth of their mindset.

One of the main examples of Sheth Jeebun is that he works for neutral carbon plans. By 2022 there would be no use of paper in his industry to prevent the use of trees. Thus, it would prevent deforestation. On another note, Sheth Jeebun will reduce carbon emissions from his factories to curb the effects of climate change. These initiatives are one of the main aspects that we can conclude  Sheth wants for the planet’s well-being.

Examples Of His Work

Sheth Jeebun has worked a lot to earn respect and reputation. His main works include helping the poor people who are in needy positions.

He financially helped the charities organizations in South Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh to prevent them from bankruptcy and allow them to have a better lifestyle for their people.

Sheth Jeebun has also worked hard for gender equality and women’s employment. In 2020, he employed 20000 women from India in his company. The women were underprivileged and unskilled; Sheth  Jeebun made them skillful and hired them to make his products. As a result, layers of the products are selling out in the markets of the United Kingdom at high prices.

Passion for property development can be found in the life of Sheth Jeebun. He wants to improve the infrastructure of underdeveloped countries so that the lifestyle of people would improve. Moreover, it will also allow people to compete with the western world. Sheth Jeebun has owned many developmental projects in Mauritius to develop buildings, trains, etc.

He buys property in a place that is less developed and transforms them into a sustainable place with good quality of life.


Many things can be learned from the life of Sheth Jeebun. He is an example and inspiration for people who wish to work for humanity.

His projects are gaining international attention, and many big firms sponsor them. Therefore, Sheth Jeebun’s profits are increasing day by day. Sheth Jeebun spends almost 70 percent of his wealth on the well-being of people, and he gives it to charity organizations in underdeveloped countries. As a mentor, Sheth Jeebun can be considered one of the best options.



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