Under normal circumstances, the air we breathe is composed of a mixture of gases. The percent of oxygen in the air is normally 12% which is generally enough for fulfilling the basic needs of body functions. However, when the level of oxygen is enhanced in the body, a whole cascade is created in terms of both long and short-term advantages.

This cascade increases the ability of the body to heal itself, generate energy, and support such an environment that suppresses inflammation and encourages regenerative healing. All this is possible with hyperbaric oxygen therapy through a hyperbaric chamber.

The best solution is to have an Oxyhelp hyperbaric chamber in your home. It increases the convenience. By having an Oxyhelp hyperbaric chamber, you can easily accommodate your hyperbaric oxygen therapy session in your busy routine of the day.

You can enjoy unlimited sessions in the peace of your home for as many times as you want at a much lower price.



The best investment that you can make ever in your life is to invest in your health. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is a non-invasive and safe way to encourage healing and recovery. This therapy can be used by all age groups. The therapy saturates the cells of the body with air enriched with oxygen with the help of a hyperbaric chamber.

The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy have been proved by scientific studies and what can be best than having a private Oxyhelp hyperbaric chamber at home.


Oxyhelp has engineered and designed hyperbaric chambers with an aim to provide comfort, safety, and convenience to its users. The oxygen in the air-filled system is provided by way of a BIBS mask.

There is no need to buy and worry about separate oxygen cylinders. You can easily have a professional-level hyperbaric system present in a wellness clinic at your own home and available for use whenever you get to have free time on your hands.

Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers are comfortable and spacious with a dual safety mechanism that can be run manually or through software. In case of power failure, the chamber depressurizes automatically so you don’t need to worry to have assistance all the time when you are using the chamber. The equipment uses tubing of medical grade.

The Oxyhelp.com hyperbaric chambers have quiet operations. The level of noise outside the chamber and inside is quite low. Therefore, users can have a good time without getting disturbed.

The interior of the chambers is made from antibacterial bacteria which fulfills Japanese SEK standards and is certified internationally. The air system contains two filters of 0.05 and 0.01 micrometers. The user-friendly interface of Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers makes it easy simple to operate with a communication system that works in two directions. The chamber has mirrored commands outside and inside and WiFi connectivity makes transfer of information easy to other devices about the session. User can start or stop the operation from inside the chamber as well.


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