How You Can Create A Minimalist Bedroom As A Student

student living in Charlotte NC

Being a student can be an exciting time in your life; you get to determine your future, learn lots of new things, meet lots of new people, and go on epic adventures. Of course, while you’re going to school, you’re going to need a place to stay, and you’re going to need to make a lot of decisions relating to that.

For a variety of reasons, ranging from convenience to cost-effectiveness, minimalism is the way to go as a student, and that definitely applies to where you live. Here are some tips on how to best make a minimalist setup for yourself.

Consider Neutral Colors When Decorating

A really fantastic way to maximize the impact of your stuff while minimizing the actual amount of stuff you need is to have most of your personal effects in neutral color tones.

The biggest reason is that it allows what little stuff you have in a minimalist setup to match automatically. Shades like beige, light gray, or dulled white can be placed in pretty much any environment and match the surrounding scenery.

While bright colors or sharp blacks might be more poignant or alluring on an individual level, getting all those kinds of colors to match when huddled into a tight space can be a real challenge, and will not turn out how you want and envision.

Prioritizing neutral tones will give you a lot of flexibility and reduce the amount of effort you need to make into creating a seamless space.

Get Really Good at Hiding Things

Minimalism is just as much about giving the appearance of not having a lot of stuff as actually not having a lot of stuff.

Even if you have a lot of items, whether it be memorabilia, clothes, posters, or decor, if you have the ability to hide them or find ways of making them blend into the background, then it’s almost like you don’t have them at all.

Some good tips for putting your stuff away effectively are not to keep things on countertops, utilize suitcases as storage devices rather than boxes, hide things behind your clothes in your closet, store items in high-up places, and find good ways to place your belongings geometrically.

Don’t Go Overboard When It Comes to Your Bed

For most people, their choice of bed and accompanying bed frame is going to play a major role in how they organize their rooms.

Beds take up a lot of space, and bed frames can too, although frames can often be used in unique ways to maximize a minimalist feel. Some people even opt for not having a bed at all, although that can be a real issue from a comfort perspective.

When it comes to whether you should get a bed, that’s really up to you, but if you do get one, then make sure it’s not too incredibly large and if you get a frame, make sure it has a decent amount of space underneath to act as storage

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Maximize Floor Space

When you’re a student living in Charlotte NC, or a similar city, the accommodations you will realistically be able to get your hands on are probably not going to be the most ideal or the most spacious.

The biggest way you can help mitigate this problem is by giving yourself the largest amount of floor space available when you’re organizing your room. Of all the things which can impact how an open space feels, floorspace is probably number one.

Constantly having to maneuver around objects or only having a narrow path to walk down can make your room feel much more claustrophobic than it has to be. When it comes to organizing, always make floor spacing your top priority.

Creating A Top-Notch Space

When you’re in a transition period of your life, it becomes important to stick to the essentials and avoid any fluff that can add complexity to the mix. This is especially true when it comes to your accommodations, which should always be a place that represents serenity, peace, and comfort, with limited amounts of stuff you need to keep track of.

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