Lab-grown Diamond: 4 Tips On How To Buy Wholesale Diamonds


Today, lab-grown diamonds are a perfect alternative to natural diamonds. These lab-created stones are completely identical when compared to earth-mined diamonds. The only real difference between them is the number of years it takes to create them. For instance, it often takes natural diamonds thousands of years before they’re completely formed. As for lab-created types, they are usually created in the laboratory within a few weeks. This is also the reason why lab-grown stones are less expensive than natural diamonds.

Buying lab-grown diamonds online or in-store is certainly worth it. However, for you to buy the best products, you need to consider some factors. Read on to find everything you need to know about these factors.

Tips on how to buy lab-grown diamonds in bulk

Before going ahead to buy lab-grown diamonds wholesale, you need to consider these factors, so you can achieve the best results:

1. Research the lab-created diamonds

The only way to ensure you’re getting the best products is by researching. With this approach, you’ll get to understand exactly whether or not what you’re opting for is lab-created.

You need to understand that diamond stimulants and lab-grown diamonds are two different stone types. No doubt, both products usually look the same. However, diamond stimulants are never real diamonds. Instead, they’re gemstones created to look exactly like diamonds. They are physically, chemically, and optically different from lab-created stones.

But how do you know you’re opting for lab-grown diamonds and not diamond stimulants? Here’s where the need to research and understand exactly what you’re buying comes into play.

One way to find out you’re buying real diamonds is by checking for the products’ grading report. Reputable lab-grown diamond producers and sellers often add grading reports to their products.

2. Go for certified products

Another thing you need to understand is that it makes a lot of sense to shop only for certified products. Since you’re interested in buying lab-grown diamonds wholesale, it pays if you only consider reputable firms, such as LG Deal. On this marketplace, you’ll certainly find top sellers with certified lab-created stones.

3. Ask questions

Buying in the right marketplace online, such as LG Deal, certainly makes a lot of sense. But since you’re buying in bulk, you need to ask questions. For instance, you should ask for pictures of the stones and be sure they’re real. Also, you should consider asking other related questions that’ll allow you to better understand exactly what you’ll be paying for.

4. You need a reputable dealers

Since what you want is wholesale lab-created diamonds, you should only consider reputable dealers. Reputable sellers are the real lab-created manufacturers. This begs the question; where do you find the real lab-grown diamond producers?

LG Deal is a marketplace for both lab-grown diamond wholesale buyers and sellers. On this platform, you’ll be able to buy bulky lab-created diamonds without any delays. That’s not all; you’ll also get to connect with some of the best lab-grown diamonds directly from the diamond producers.

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