Even with lots of time and money spent designing a website, it’ll never be live on the internet if it’s got no hosting. What’s the need to design a website for your business without hosting it? It’s useless then as web hosting is essential for all websites, whether commerce or just blogs. 

At SelexWeb, we provide the best website hosting in Edmonton for all websites as long as it’s powered by WordPress. In addition, we can go the extra mile to host other customer websites, but you’ll have to contact our team to get that done quickly for you. 

SelexWeb hosting plan for Edmonton business offers our Edmonton-based client a staunch, high-performance Canadian server. With SelexWeb hosting, be sure to have the best security for a web as we carefully monitor every site on our server and also limit the number of clients on one server. As a SelexWeb hosting client, the security of your site is monitored 24/7.

What You Get When You Get SelexWeb Hosting?

With SelexWeb hosting, you’ll have access to various services. These include; 

  • Dedicated web hosting
  • Daily site backup and storage, 
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring, 
  • Domain registration, CMS access, and hosting
  • SSL certificates and HTTP security 


  • Dedicated web hosting

At SelexWeb, we offer top-notch hosting services to all new clients. With our website in Canada, our hosting service helps your business stay online without encountering any issues. 

  • 24/7 up-time monitoring

With our hosting service, your website is always monitored for downtime. Our dedicated team will assist you in providing the solution to any technical or security problems.

  • Daily site backup and storage

All contents on our server and your websites are backed up daily. Whenever you experience data loss, we’ll quickly restore your account from the previous backup made at a zero-dollar charge.

  • Domain registrations, CMS access, and hosting

SelexWeb assists its client in registering their domain when needed. We will recommend a reputable vendor to purchase a domain. Note that we don’t register domains for clients, as this should strictly be done by the client. However, we can offer technical support for it. 

We also integrate supported websites into our CMS management application to check and carry out their updates and plugins and check for existing loopholes in the site’s security. In addition, a malware scanner is set up, and it notifies us monthly regarding issues affecting your websites.

  • SSL certificates and HTTPs security

We provide lifetime maintenance and an automatic renewal of SSL certificate so long you stay active and still hosted in our environment. SSL certificates are often free, but we charge for installation, automation, and initial setup. In addition, when an SSL certificate has been successfully installed, we update the redirection rules for your site; serving all content over HTTPS

Hosting your website is an essential step in taking your business live with the rest of the world. With SelexWeb hosting in Edmonton, you’re sure to have the best experiences with a website that loads faster. Scared of losing your data along the way? Don’t worry; we’ve got you backed up on that.

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