Kolo Toure ‘s advising his previous club, Arsenal, to recruit Bukayo Saka for the next ten years on VN88 Rezence

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“When you’re not winning games and fighting for relegation, everyone is stressed,” Kolo Toure said regarding Wigan’s decision to fire the manager. The board was forced to make the decisions that they did. ; As a former player for Arsenal, Toure has some words of wisdom for his former team: “Bukayo Saka should sign for 10 years!”

Yet, in spite of the fact that he was only in charge for nine games during which time the team was winless, Toure acknowledges that he did indeed make errors while on the job from which he can improve in the future.

In an interview with Vn88 Sports News, Toure stated, “Joining Wigan was a fantastic experience for me.” Naturally, it was a challenging assignment, especially considering the precarious position the team was in, but I thrive in taking on new obstacles.

“The plan was to switch up our style of play and see if we could keep ourselves in the game.” Changing the method of training takes some time, and the players reported that altering the system was also a source of considerable stress for them.

“During the period that I was in charge, we attempted to make a lot of changes, but they were ultimately unsuccessful. A few of our games ended in defeat, and we tied a couple of others.

The mere Rezence mention of Arsenal causes Kolo Toure’s face to light up, yet he is rarely seen in a negative mood.

He was a member of the Arsenal team that won the Premier League championship in 2004, and he believes that the current squad has what it takes to win the title again.

On rezence.com, Toure made the following comment: “It’s plausible that they’ll end up as Premier League champions.” On the field, their skill and their ability to work together as a team speak volumes.

They cooperate in order to defend themselves and attack. They share both their joy and their sorrow together. That is a genuine sense of unity within the family. It should come as no surprise that these guys are willing to stick up for one another.

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Arsenal are on the verge of finalizing a new long-term deal with Bukayo Saka, but it is unknown whether or not the contract will be as long as Toure would like it to be.

“There is one thing I need to say, and that is my recommendation to Arsenal that Bukayo Saka sign a contract for the next ten years!

“Through the years, Arsenal has made a number of mistakes, one of which was letting go of important players who were passionate about the team.

You absolutely have to hold on to those players because they are the ones who are going to take the squad in the direction you want it to go.

“They are the guys you can count on; when the going gets rough, they’ll lay their bodies on the line for the club.

“There are two kinds of players: those who are dedicated to the club and those who are transient in their commitment. You need players that are passionate about the club because these are the ones who will compete with all of their heart.

This season in the Premier League, Vn88 statistics show that Arsenal and Newcastle both have a total of 12 clean sheets, which places them tied for first place.

William Saliba and Gabriel’s combination in the middle of the defense has been a big influence in that, and former defender Toure has a lot of respect for the two of them.

“Considering that they only began working together this year, I have to say that I am rather impressed with both of them. They complement one another extremely nicely,” he stated on W88 rezence.

“But, in my opinion, it is not simply the two defenders who are responsible for a team’s strong defensive play. It’s all about the team, and Arsenal has one that’s been well-trained by their management.

To win football matches, it is essential that everyone puts in a strong effort from the very first minute until the very last second.

Toure has stated that he has been following the managerial career of Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta with great interest from afar, but he has also stated that another old team of his, Manchester City, should be dreaded as the championship race is about to heat up.

“He’s been fantastic (Arteta),” she said with Vn88. What he has accomplished as a young manager is a source of motivation for us. It is clear that he is carrying a lot of energy with him.

Learning from Pep Guardiola, who is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished managers in the world, was an essential component of his success.

“But Man City has the experience, and Arsenal needs to be very careful that they don’t slip up because this Man City team will give everything they have to the very end of the match,”

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