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Are you an iPhone user? Do you enjoy all the unique and innovative features of the iPhone, and no matter how expensive, you still buy it because of how beautifully it’s engineered? Do you stand in long queues to prebook your iPhone? How does it feel if your iPhone is damaged by any means after taking all the trouble? Does it hurt? Of course, it hurts. Who would want their phone to get damaged after spending a lot of money? Unfortunately, these gadgets have their limits. They are not made to stay a lifetime. A time comes when they get tired and start wearing off with time. The same is the case with a broken volume button or a volume button not working. It is the least expected problem. Imagine you are standing in a market purchasing something, and suddenly annoying music plays up out of nowhere. Everyone is looking at you waiting to turn the volume down, but your volume button is not working even after several tries. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing and annoying? Milton Wireless is a cell phone store in Milton, Ontario, that has provided several fixes to resolve the volume button not working issue. 

Ensure That Your Volume Buttons Are Enabled

Many people are not aware of this, but the iPhone has a feature in its settings that lets you enable the volume button. In most phones, this feature is automatically turned on, so you won’t have to go through any trouble. People sometimes turn this setting off without realizing it and get worried later. Therefore, before doing anything, it is necessary to ensure that your volume buttons are enabled. To do this, go to settings, sound and haptics, and you will see an option to change with buttons. Check and see if the button is enabled. If not, toggle it on and enjoy the volume you desire. 

Clean the Volume Buttons if They Are Stuck

Back in the day people were called bookworms because they used to read so many books, but now most of us are called phone worms because we are addicted and glued to our phones every time. Too much dust, dirt and debris enter your phone when you use it too much. If that is the case, try pressing the volume button several times until it starts working. If it is not working, you need to clean the volume button and remove all the dirt and debris. To clean the button, you must use an isopropyl alcohol wipe and be gentle while cleaning. Isopropyl alcohol wipes are perfect for cleaning debris and dirt according to cell phone repair because it dries quickly and it has the least amount of water. It also breaks up the oils. You must press and push the volume button down to clean it thoroughly. If it’s cleaned, try using it. If it is still not working you must move to the next fix. 

Restore or Reset The Settings

If your volume button isn’t working, it might be possible that you have recently downloaded the firmware update, which is creating problems. If that is the case, you must restart your device by turning it off and back on after one minute. If the restart doesn’t solve the problem, you must go for resetting and restoring. Resetting means you are deleting the existing content settings from your phone. Make sure that you remember your passwords and passcodes. Reset the settings and now see if the button has started working. To reset, go to settings, general, and reset settings. Click this option and start resetting them. 

Update your iPhone 

Individuals complain that their volume buttons have stopped working and don’t function anymore. Many people have a habit of procrastinating about updating their phones. As an iPhone user, you must know that updating your phone comes under top priority. You can’t expect everything to go smoothly when you are not treating your phone right. If your phone has started facing problems, it can be because the iOS version has become outdated and incompatible with your phone, and you need to renew it. Check and see if there is any update present in your phone, If yes, download and install it immediately as advised by Milton phone repair

Manage your Volume without the buttons.

Buttons are not the only way you can manage and control the volume. You can do it without the buttons too. If you use Spotify to listen to music, the app has in-built volume controllers. You can use them to reduce or increase the volume. In general, you can use the control centre to control the volume. Swipe down from the top, you will see a bar of volume you can control. According to cellphone repair, if you are using AirPods, they also have buttons that can control the volume of your iPhones, so you shouldn’t worry. 

Get Your Volume Buttons Repaired by Professionals

Yes, there are many ways you can control volume without using buttons, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to get the buttons fixed. Getting iPhone buttons fixed must be your top priority. Visit the cell phone store Milton and tell them about the problem you are facing. They will check your volume button and identify the problem. The professionals will give you the best possible solution. It will take an hour or two to fix the issue. The fix is going to be at an affordable price, and you will get premium services. 

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