It Is Not Just Businesses That Can Benefit from T-shirt Printing

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When you are looking to get a message spread to many different people, whether that is just a joke, a more serious statement or some form of marketing for your business, buying cotton tshirt wholesale for printing is a good choice. Here are some examples of how and when you might choose to use a t-shirt printing service.

Times when printed t-shirts are a great idea

  1. Hen or stag weekends – If you are organising such an event a great way to show solidarity is by everyone wearing a t-shirt you have created. You could personalise them so everyone has their own, or you could create a general one. Choose an embarrassing picture of the bride or groom, add the date and location of the party, and some vibrant lettering, it will be a winner.    
  2. At an exhibition or trade show – If you are heading to a trade show or exhibition with a stand then you need to draw attention to your booth as people walk past. Having some polo tshirt wholesale and then choosing a great design for them can draw people in. You can even use them as giveaways so that people walk away with items they wear that act as advertising for your brand or business. 
  3. Birthday celebrations – Perhaps you are planning a surprise party for someone, a friend or a family member. You could all wear printed shirts and jump and surprise the birthday person all in a specially created shirt for the event.  
  4. Selling at special events – If you have a charity stall, you run a car boot sale every week or month, or you do demonstrations at local events, you could wear and sell printed t-shirts with your information on them.   
  5. As prizes for competitions – If you run online or in-person competitions to attract people to your product or service a well-designed and printed cotton tshirt wholesale is a great way to reward the winners and also get marketing from them. All kinds of people wear t-shirts, so just get some in a range of sizes so no one is left out. Even if you are not running a competition a printed shirt is a good giveaway and people like getting free things!  
  6. For staff to wear at events – if you are running an event at your place of business, a restaurant or a club perhaps, you could have your employees wearing printed t-shirts at the event so they are easy to spot, and that marketing the event at the same time.   


These are just some of the reasons you might want to order polo tshirt wholesale and choose a printed design for them. For one-off events, the quality of the shirt might not be as important but try to keep the quality good for when you want them to wear it more than once, as they are more likely to go along with that if it fits well, feels good and looks good.

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