Is it worth using WhatsApp GB?

WhatsApp GB

We have many options to use messenger apps nowadays, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more. All of these are social applications, but at the moment WhatsApp is the most popular and used.

The last form of WhatsApp has become more advanced and with other functionalities. A version called WhatsApp GB is the earliest mod and the user can install WhatsApp GB without needing to uninstall a basic version of WhatsApp in your phone.

What is WhatsApp GB?

WhatsApp GB is a popular variant of WhatsApp with several new features and can do the better for a basic version of WhatsApp application. This new app has more features like offers in a private options, improving the way to send messages, DND mode and many more.

The latest version of WhatsApp is claimed to be safe, secure and with more responsibility. Developing important functions can be used for the users during all the days in a week, enjoying more possibilities to customize.

To help your routine, user can send messages to their family and friends, allow a access for app WhatsApp, turn on permissions.

This new version was developed by a team of programmers called by the name GB Group. They worked in a mod based WhatsApp Plus, an original mod of WhatsApp. Right now, the app is only available for users at Android, so ios users can’t use this mod at the moment.

Main features about WhatsApp GB

WhatsApp GB starts with several extra features for its users in a project to explore. Features are now available in the basic version of WhatsApp and is one of the most important tools for WhatsApp GB multiple accounts.

The users can manage more than one account and it’s very useful for people who manage accounts. This feature can increase the popularity in the market with other functions.

In WhatsApp GB, user can do a lot of things, like:

  • Send large files, if the user allow to send files with more than 100 MB;
  • High-quality stuff, with the ability to send images with the highest quality;
  • Maintains your privacy;
  • Cool animations with many options, gifs and pics;
  • More languages available

With the WhatsApp GB users can create new themes and unlike the original version, this mod is available to several languages, including Spanish, Chinese and English.

Another important feature for WhatsApp GB is related to privacy options, when the user will be able to choose privacy options. Some of the privacy is related to bluetick, double click, being online (status) and other features.

Where to download the latest version of WhatsApp GB?

To download the latest version of WhatsApp GB, the user just needs to find the app on Google Play Store. The actual version of WhatsApp GB is V 16.10.0IS. Before downloading the app, make sure your smartphone are enable to source the version. Before starting to start using WhatsApp GB, you need to know the risks. Risks of malwares and to be banned from WhatsApp. 

Comparison between WhatsApp original and WhatsApp GB

WhatsApp is a global freeware application that supports a billion users, and can send messages and videos to their friends and family. So, WhatsApp GB is a mod that has improved with new features.

WhatsApp was launched in January of 2019. WhatsApp GB was launched in 2014, five years after the release of the renomed WhatsApp. WPP is available to download free at Google Store or App Store, and other official platforms. WhatsApp GB just can be downloaded as an APK file for Android users, not for iOS users.

What I need to know about WhatsApp?

Founded by Meta Platforms, WhatsApp Messenger is known by just WhatsApp, is a freeware application, centralized company, and a cross platform. Is a messenger app to chat in a real time with people all around the world, with the option to send audios.

The application is used to send files and images too, or documents at WhatsApp Business version. Originally in a american creation, WhatsApp has crossed all the continents in the world and beat other digital apps to make communication, like Orkut and MSN.

To make a profile in an application, the user needs to have a number in your phone. Adding the app, WhatsApp can be used in tablet or desktop.

All users need to know important details about WhatsApp. Never delete the messages and just one day a week make a backup to save all your important information. So the WhatsApp GB is considered the clone of the original app, the mod retains all the features of first and original version, introducing certain new ones.

Do you have a WhatsApp GB version in your smartphone with Android version? Tell us after to read this article.


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