How Workplace Space Impacts Employees’ Productivity

Workplace Space

Whether you believe it or not, the comfortability of the environment within which employees work is a major contributor to a company’s productivity. This is because employees usually perform better when the environment is favorable to them. Many companies are aware of this and have been working hard to see that their employees wake up every morning looking forward to coming to the office. Here are some tips to make the workplace a more favorable environment for your staff.

Favorable temperature around the office

I was working in a small office many years ago and I remember there was a time we had to go three days with a faulty air conditioner. It was disconcerting for everyone and the environment was always moody with none of my colleagues wearing a good countenance. I remember dreading going to the office during those days. Air conditioning boosts the productivity of employees by at least 30% and also leads to less number of employees being absent from work than in an environment with no air conditioners. Make sure to get primary or central HVAC equipment in your workplace space. Though the employee productivity which is consequent of a cool office space helps the company’s bottom line, your HVAC system does too. An aging HVAC system cools slowly and ventilates poorly and causes your utility bills to go up from electrical usage. So regular servicing is required if you want the best from your HVAC equipment.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting makes workers healthier and when employees are healthy they are more productive at work. A recent study at Cornell showed that when workers were exposed to natural lighting in the office space, there was an 84% drop in eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches. Workplace spaces that maximize natural lighting through large windows make the employees feel happier and healthier than when in darker environments. This will definitely increase employee productivity and alertness. Studies conclude that those with windows in the workplace receive almost two times more exposure to white light and slept almost an hour more every night.

The power of plants

The sight of plants in any environment has an amazing and soothing effect on a person’s mental health. When plants are positioned in different sections of the office, they can help the employees get relieved of the stress that could come from working. The natural aura also reduces anxiety, and fatigue thereby making you more refreshed to attend to more work at the office. Having plants within an office space also helps purify the air of any formaldehyde and benzene, adding oxygen to it. Academic studies have been able to prove that employees are about 20% more productive when workplaces have house plants around. Plants in the workplace space are important in creating a positive working environment and increasing productivity.

Free spaces for collaboration

An office that has a break-out space can give staff somewhere that they can switch off from their regular job duties. It could be a kitchen or a separate staff room. A free room could be converted into an office gym area where employees can go and relax their tired muscles. When there is an area dedicated to this type of thing, it will help boost employee productivity and encourage the employees to be more interested in coming to the office. This is important when you want to retain your top employees. When designing a workplace space, it is important that the architect creates some spaces for employee collaboration and hangouts. These spaces should be structured to be full of life and engaging.

Importance of the right colors

The type of colors administered to the walls of an office space may not be taken seriously but there is definitely a psychological effect of color choices on employee productivity. The choice of colors should be well thought about by interior designers of any workplace space. Most offices just stick to neutral color schemes which are not the best for a working environment. Orange and pink are very good colors for the interior of an office because they force out the energy, excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth from the employees. The blue color makes employees feel calm and relaxed. This is useful in a stressful work environment for better productivity.

Final word

Employees will always perform better in a comfortable environment than in a dull one. Most modern workspaces are designed by the best in the business. The business owner should be willing to pay to secure the services of a good interior designer and architect to get the workplace for his or her employees built to modern standards. Talk about investment for future gains, this is a very good example. Good quality designs are proven to improve productivity.


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