How to Dropship Sunglasses in 2022


With the summer at the doorstep, everyone likes to wear sunglasses. Thus, most dropshippers are on the way to dropship sunglasses this summer. If you are one of them, this post is where you need to go before you start your sunglasses dropshipping business.  

However, before you step into the dropshipping sunglasses industry, let’s learn what dropshipping is and why dropshipping sunglasses is a good choice for dropshippers. Let’s start.

What Is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a retail business model where you can sell products manufactured by third-party companies and deliver them to your customers through that third-party company. In other words, there is no need for you to buy the product inventory in advance, your suppliers will prepare, pick, pack and ship the items for you. What you need to do is to receive the order from your customers and deliver the orders to your suppliers.

However, just like any online business, you have many other tasks to do such as setting up the online store, displaying the products, drive customers to your store (applying different marketing tactics, like content marketing which is free and easy to start) and make a sale happen.

Furthermore, the best part of a dropshipping business is that you don’t have to pay anything in advance. The customer comes to your store, browses for the products, adds the product to the cart, and checks out by paying.

Then, the back-end system triggers a notification to the drop shipper. The drop shipper then places the orders and sits back to wait for their third-party partner to deliver the product to your customer.

Another thing worths mentioning here is that with the rapid development of technology, more and more robust dropshipping tools join the industry. Then they bring the dropshipping model into a new stage: automated dropshipping. With tools like DSers, you can save 97% of your order fulfillment time. It means you will have more time to concentrate on your store customization for attracting customers and product marketing for boosting sales.  

Dropshipping sunglasses is profitable if you can start in a right way. Keep reading further to know why you should dropship sunglasses in 2022 and how to start a sunglasses dropshipping business in an easy way.

Why Dropship Sunglasses

So why is it a good option to dropship sunglasses in 2022? 

First of all, sunglasses are useful in our daily life.  It offers the most convenient way to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight and brightly visible lights, which may damage your eyes. They are always in demand throughout the year. People are constantly looking for accessories that elevate their personality, and sunglasses are one of those.

And, apart from their practicality, the sunglasses today stand as a style icon and add value to your status. Top brand sunglasses are a stylish way to flaunt your snazzy side. It is also an indispensable and attractive fashion item for those who pursue fashion.  

Thirdly, sunglasses are small. Thus, it’s easier to ship compared to other big items. Dropshippers then might not need to worry about the shipment too much.  So, why not earn money by selling sunglasses?

However, it’s very hard if you want to start a sunglasses manufacturing company. Thus, dropship sunglasses could be a great idea. You don’t need to worry about the manufacturing and stock. Just display the items on your online store and sell them.

While dropshipping sunglasses is impressive and easy to start, it also has many cons. Let’s check out what they are:

  1. Hard to Create a Good Brand

The brand name is typically important for a sunglasses dropshipping business. Thus, it’s essential to create a brand like MVMT or Meller. You can come up with brand identity elements like logo, vision and mission statements resonating with customers’ needs may take a long time.

Connecting with your customers through various channels and responding to their queries and reviews will take a substantial time of yours.

Dropshipping depends on a number of external factors, so if anything wrong goes, it is directly going to hamper your reputation, directly hitting your brand values.

2. Demand fluctuates

You will need to keep a check on the markets and accordingly set your strategy. For e.g. some regions for some time are always cloudy and frequent rains are common. You won’t get any customers for sunglasses there, till they get a sunny climate.

On the flip side, the demand may surge in all-time sunny regions coinciding with the other regions too, resulting in a chaotic situation with the dropshippers and delivery partners you are associated with. You might need to be proactive in such cases.

3. Heavy competition

Millions of variations will delay your decision to know what products are selling faster, till then you will have to try and test. You may start selling within a week also, if the sunglasses you display in your store match what customers are looking for, else it may take months. For that, you will have to deeply study your target audience.

The trend keeps changing, posing you a challenge to keep a tab on consumer behavour and accordingly set your store or display trending sunglasses.

To drive more customers to your store, you will need to build a brand, which again takes a substantial time.

How to Dropship Sunglasses

In this section, you will learn how to dropship sunglasses. Let’s go and figure it out step by step.

Create a Store

Here, creating a store means setting up an e-commerce website. Getting goosebumps! Not to worry, creating e-commerce websites isn’t hard anymore.

Today, you can create e-commerce websites with some clicks that include all utilities, up-to-the-mark backend, and security features on a robust platform giving a good speed for enhanced customer experience. 

They also come up with attractive layouts called themes, which you can customize depending on your needs or choice depending on your brand identity.

All you need is a laptop or pc with a stable internet connection.

Popular e-commerce platforms which support dropshipping are Shopify, SquareSpace (Good for beginners as they offer 50% Promo Code), Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, Shift4Shop, PrestaShop, etc.

You may select any one of them based on your technical know-how. 

They charge you a fixed annual or monthly fee, which is comparatively lower than setting up a customized store on your own. 

Now that your store is ready, it’s time to find a supplier whose products you will display in your store to sell and profit from those.

Find a Supplier

Finding a good supplier is crucial for your online store. It’s inevitable to check the supplier’s record before you get him on board. 

Following are some tips to guide you to finding a good supplier.

    • Check for reviews: Check for customer reviews about the concerned supplier to get an idea of the quality and service level of that supplier.
  • Purchase their products for trial: You can try their one or two products to know the quality and style of working. It will help you to understand their quality and service level in a realistic scenario.
  • Read their terms and policies: Check how the supplier deals with wrong deliveries, damaged products, return policies etc. To scale your business, you must give your customers the best experience.
  • Check for fees: Understand the fee structure, the monthly or annual charges, shipping charges, stocking charges etc. and ensure there aren’t any hidden charges. It will help you calculate the most competitive price for your customers while protecting your profit margin decently.
  • Automated dropshipping: Check whether your supplier app has automated workflows which could integrate with your online store. It will help you to automate all the tasks as you scale your business.

The supplier you have chosen has an overwhelming range of products, and you may be confused about which products you can choose for your store. 

Read further to understand some tips for choosing a product to be sold from your store.

Choose an Item

Here are some general guidelines to help you to choose the right product to help you profit from your online business.

  • Easy to use products: Customers try products immediately when they receive them. If they find it hard to use, they may try to return the product or leave negative reviews on your store, which is harmful to your business.
  • Novel products: Try to replenish your online store with products which won’t be available commonly.
  • Choose the right priced product: Choose a product that is at an optimal price so it could feel reasonably priced from the customers’ perspective. It will motivate them to purchase your product, despite not needing them.
  • Choose non-fragile, average-sized and light-weight products: Fragile items may get damaged during shipping. It would leave a negative impact on the customers. Heavy Items and large items carry heavy shipping charges that may bring down your profit margins.

Without a doubt, sunglasses are the ideal product which fulfills all the above criteria

Once you have selected which products to sell, how do consumers know about your store?

Now, it’s time to market your store. Read further to know various ways of marketing your store.

Market Your Store

Let’s understand how you can reach out to your consumers and inform them about your store.

    • Hire a Digital Marketer: Hire a digital marketer if you are too busy to do this yourself. Though it may be expensive, it will ensure you get results with professional services.
    • Using Google ads and analytics: Run ad campaigns with Google and analyze the reports. It will give you a fair idea of where your consumers come from and how they came to your site. These reports will help you to enhance your marketing plan to drive more traffic.
  • Using social media advertising: Run campaigns on your social media accounts and target the right audience for your business. You can drive substantial traffic from social media to your website.
  • Blogging and content marketing: Learn basic search engine optimization and find what consumers are searching on the internet related to your products. Based on that information, write articles or blogs, and place informative videos on your site to inform and educate consumers on your products.

After implementing all the above, eventually, your store will be inundated with lots of orders. Moreover, once you start scaling, you will need a robust dropshipping tool to manage all the tasks automatically.

Top Sunglasses Suppliers in 2022

When starting a dropshipping business, the first step is to find the right suppliers, regardless if you are dropshipping sunglasses or something else. Thus, here are some of the great sunglasses suppliers in 2022: 

  1. RayBan
    The essence of Ray Ban sunglasses is lasting dignity, genuineness and freedom of expression. Over the year, the brand has successfully retained its position as a leader and has set its style apart from many reputed rival brands.
  2. Persol
    The Italian company started producing sunglasses in 1917. It was for the sake of Italian fighter pilots who wanted to reduce the sun’s glare. Italians are known to take style seriously, as is proved by the excellent quality of their sunglasses.
  3. Oakley
    Sunglasses from Oakley are the first preferred choice for top-class cyclists, tennis players, bikers, climbers, hikers and skiers. Oakley sunglass is known for its durability and strength. Initially a motorcycle brand, Oakley sunglass became so popular, which compelled the company to consider sunglasses as its flagship product.
  4. Carrera
    The sunglasses are made using acetate, offering a lightweight and high-quality experience. The sporty frame design makes everyone love these sunglasses. Designed to suit all face shapes, adding a sophisticated and trendy charm to one’s face.
  5. Oliver Peoples
    The sunglasses are hand-crafted with minute attention to detail, carving and fine-tuning to reach an elegant and balanced final product. Each frame is cast and polished and later handcrafted to match the original illustration.

Apart from these 5 great suppliers we mentioned above, there are another 10 impressive sunglasses dropshipping suppliers for you to choose from, you can take a brief look at them. If you want to know more about their reviews, policies, and shipping, you can search them on Google to get more information:

  • Moscot
  • Warby Parker
  • Randolph Engineering
  • Jacques Marie Mage
  • Lexxola
  • Retrosuperfuture
  • Barton Perreira
  • Cutler and Gross
  • Garrett Leight
  • Matsuda


Sunglasses are now a style accessory rather than eye-protection wear. They are used by all, irrespective of age and gender and are in demand throughout the year.

You can easily set up an online store and start selling sunglasses. You can do this as a side hustle too.

There are many e-commerce platforms on which you can create your online stores like Shopify and WooCommerce. You can connect your online store to the dropshipper site. After choosing the suppliers and products, you can start dropshipping the sunglasses on your site. And associating with a renowned dropshipper with automated workflows will help you to manage your store efficiently. 

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