How to Choose the Best Halloween Activities for Kids

halloween activities for kids

Did you know that Halloween originates from a Celtic pagan festival called Samhain? During this festival, people dressed up in scary costumes and lit bonfires to ward off evil spirits.

Today, Halloween is a fun secular holiday for people of all faiths. Everyone dresses up in costumes, eats lots of candy, and hangs out with their friends. It’s not surprising that kids love Halloween since those are the main activities!

But it’s tough choosing the right Halloween activities for kids. Some children have a fear of Halloween and others aren’t old enough to enjoy certain Halloween attractions.

No sweat! This guide will help you choose Halloween activities that are appropriate and fun for your little terrors.

Ages 0 – Four

Dressing your kids up in costumes that you want to dress them up in is the best part about celebrating Halloween with super little kids! You can turn them into a pumpkin, princess, or another non-scary character.

Limit the amount of candy they eat and they shouldn’t watch any Halloween movies that aren’t animated. You could visit a friend’s house who also has young kids. If you like, you could set up a Halloween photoshoot together!

Ages Four to 11

At this age, your kid will have lots of opinions about what they want for their Halloween costume. It can be a little scary but nothing too gruesome that will give them nightmares for weeks.

You can start trick-or-treating with your kids at this age. But you need to follow some trick-or-treat safety tips.

Only visit the houses of people that you know. Always supervise your kids when they knock on the door of each house. And attempt to spread out their candy intake so they don’t eat it all in one night.

Popular Halloween activities for kids at this age also include parties. Apple-bobbing, pin the bone on the skeleton, and costume contests are all great things to do on Halloween for this age.

Ages 11 – 15

Your kids will likely want to stop trick-or-treating around the time they’re 11 or 12. But if there are Halloween haunted houses in your area or a kid at school is hosting a party, they will still want a costume. Witches, zombies, and other horror monsters are appropriate for this age group.

You can attempt to limit their candy intake if you can. But kids at this age can be much better at sneaking a few extra bites!

Introducing your kids to some Halloween classic movies at this age will be a lot of fun. Consider Hocus Pocus, Tim Burton movies, Practical Magic, and The Addams Family. You can leave the John Carpenter horrors and Friday the 13th until they’re about to leave for college.

Choose the Best Halloween Activities for Kids That They’ll Adore

There are tons of Halloween activities for kids of all ages. And now you know what they are, you will be able to choose the most enjoyable way for them to spend this horror-ific holiday!

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