18 Attractive YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners in 2022

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So, you are ready to launch your YouTube channel and wondering about the perfect video niche to focus on. So, what video ideas can you create on your channel? The truth is that there are hundreds of ideas that you can explore.

You decide on your niche and explore different topics of interest that your audience will love. In this post, we will share 18 attractive YouTube video ideas to explore as a beginner. Before then, let’s introduce you to a top YouTube video software tool.

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So, now that you know the best YouTube intro video maker to use; let’s get started with some of the most attractive YouTube video ideas you can explore.

1.    Product Showcase

So, if you have some products to sell, showcasing them through a YouTube video is a great idea. A product showcase video displays the unique benefits and features of your product offerings.

This type of video brings your products into the consciousness of your target audience to motivate them to buy. A product showcase is usually concise. It tells your target audience what they need to know about your products.

2.    Explainer Videos

These YouTube channels ideas are great for when you want to describe a concept, how a product or service works, or explain a complex topic. Teachers, tech-savvy professionals, and technical people use these videos a lot.

Explainer videos are powerful and more effective than chains of words detailing a process or how something functions. With this type of video, you can simplify intricate topics, features, and concepts for your audience.

3.    Webinars

If you want to generate followership and engagement, webinars are one of the top YouTube ideas you can explore. This type of video allows you to engage your audience and interact with them. The great thing about using webinars is that they are affordable and easy to create. They also have the extra benefit of being reused as your video content.

4.    Tutorials

Are you knowledgeable in specific areas? Do you want to become a recognized authority in a niche? Then creating tutorials on YouTube is one of the methods you can adopt. Tutorial videos offer applicable knowledge and insights to users.

They function as easy guides to intricate concepts and information, tricks and tips, and so much more. You can create a video tutorial on different things, including digital marketing, cloth making, cooking, baking, and so much more.

5.    Interviews

Doing YouTube videos on interviews is a great way to grow your audience and create engagement. Interview videos generally involve knowledgeable authorities in your industry. Such videos give your audience a chance to interact with your guests, ask questions, and gain insight.

Interviews also have a way of broadening your audience coverage as people following your guests will find their way to your page to listen to their favorite industry professionals in your interviews.

6.    AMA (Ask Me Anything) Sessions

This can be live streamed or pre-recorded sessions where you answer questions collated from your target audience. Although it started on Reddit, it is becoming a popular hit on YouTube.

So, if you want to engage and interact with your audience, you can hold an AMA session where they get to ask you any questions. Make sure you advertise the event ahead of time to get more people to participate.

7.    Whiteboard Videos

Are you a trained expert in a particular field and willing to share your knowledge with your audience on YouTube? Then creating whiteboard videos is a great way to make your videos engaging and attractive to your audience. Whiteboard videos involve an expert breaking down or explaining complex ideas on a whiteboard.

Reports have shown significant growth in the use and effectiveness of whiteboard videos. This is due to the visual storytelling elements of the creation. You can use Doratoon to create engaging whiteboard videos that you can use on your YouTube channel. You will find a plethora of premade whiteboard video templates that you can choose from to create your videos.

8.    Testimonials

There’s no better way to establish credibility for your products or services than testimonials. Testimonial videos bring to focus positive feedback from your customers.

These help to provide social proof for your brand and are also a great way to promote your business. Testimonial videos can significantly enhance the credibility, relatability, and shareability of your brand.

9.    Competitions

Competitions are a great way to involve your audience in your channel. With minimal effort, you can create original and innovative content for your YouTube channel. For instance, you can request that your audience create a short video of themselves using your product and send it to you.

You can then upload these videos on your channel. As a catch, attach a reward to the most liked or shared video. With this, you give your audience the seamless task of driving more traffic to your channel.

10. Product Unboxing

This is one of the best YouTube channel ideas you can use when launching a new product. Of course, it doesn’t have to be your product. It can be a product you take an interest in or something that you know your audience loves.

A product unboxing video involves opening the packages of a product for the first time. It can generate wild interest and attraction, especially if it is a product that has been widely advertised before its launch.

11.  Reaction Videos

Just as the name implies, reaction videos involve reacting to content, such as music videos, movie trailers, TV episodes, new products, and more. These videos help to increase engagement because your audience can relate to them.

12.   Tech Reviews

Many products out there need professional reviews, and you can focus on this niche as your video ideas for YouTube. You can talk about different features of your chosen product, the specifications, what you love and don’t like, and the price. You can do tech reviews for electronics, fashion accessories, and more.

13.  Tour Videos

You can use these videos to give your audience a tour of the behind-the-scenes of everything you do. If you regularly talk about yourself, you can do a video tour of your house, rooms, kitchen, neighborhood, workplace, or library. You can also give a tour of your factory or your favorite location during a vacation. There is so much you can do with tour videos.

14.   DIY Videos

These YouTube video ideas are the rave at any time and any season. If you go on YouTube right now, you’ll see tons of DIY videos. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can leverage this and create videos on different things. DIY videos give a step-by-step process for the independent production of something. You can create a lot of content with DIY videos.

15.   Recipe or Cooking Videos

If you are a foodie or love cooking, you can turn your passion into content for your YouTube channel. Recipe or cooking videos let you show your audience how to make different family dishes. You can demonstrate your food preparation or culinary skills and become an authority in the kitchen domain.

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16.  News-Based Videos

With these videos, you can share your opinions about recent events in different domains, including politics, sports, religion, tech, and so much more. You will always have topics to do videos on with news-based videos.

You can make event timelines, conduct interviews on people’s perceptions about important events in your society, or discuss top news articles for the week.

17.  Myth Busters

We have myths flying around in various niches and areas of life. If you have proof that a popular assumption is false, then bust the myth and explain the reasons for its inaccuracy. This is a great way to create content for your channel and give your audience something fresh to mull over. Your audience will keep coming back to gain more information.

18.  Workout Videos

If you are a fitness expert, then turn this into the content. Many people are becoming more conscious about their health and fitness. They are looking for fun and exciting ways to keep fit. You can make different fitness videos, including circuit training, yoga, stretching, and trendy exercise routines that will drive traffic to your YouTube channel.


YouTube is a powerful platform for sharing ideas and creating communities. Whether you have a product or service or market your content, YouTube offers a great platform to showcase what you have. We have highlighted 18 attractive YouTube video ideas that you can use to boost your YouTube channel.

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