How Shakespeare Changed the History of English Literature?


Shakespeare has earned a lot of respect for himself in literature, and the name “Shakespeare” is enough to recognize him. Shakespeare’s full name is William Shakespeare; Shakespeare was born on 26 April 1564; Shakespeare changed the history of literature.

Shakespeare changed all the rules in the plays of Aristotle and Plato; hence Shakespeare is also called Rule Breaker. Shakespeare gave a new twist to English Literature, where he also wrote many sonnets, places, and novels. Shakespeare’s writing was unique; you can learn about it with online learning platforms that use advanced software like school ERP.

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Shakespeare’s point of view History:

The historical drama is history dramatized. According to leasing, historical drama creates fiction woven around historical characters. But leasing’s definition of a historical play cannot be applied in the case of William Shakespeare. However, Shakespeare allows his artistic invention in the play and historical opera.

He consciously tempers the facts of the story only in minor points. The historical plays of Shakespeare tell the history of England from 1200 to 1550 AD. This 350 year is full of chaos and lots of tumults, and Shakespeare tries to cover this period of history.

He came with Edward, Richard, and Henry, king of England. Shakespeare’s historical works William Shakespeare tries to give are full of thrills and entertainment because of Shakespeare’s perspective and imagination and the facts of historical events. The historical results of Shakespeare have a connection between the success of his plays and his tragedies. Shakespeare wrote historical plays and those plays serve their purpose.

The historical play’s great purpose and objective are to make English men nationalistic and patriotic. These plays have the fire of patriotism, and it can be found in different characters of different historical plays, like John of Gaunt from “Richard 2”.

Shakespeare’s purpose in historical writing plays was also artistic. He wrote historical plays or political events of past England’s history for autistic creation and artistic taste. He wanted to portray the great king of England as a real human being. William Shakespeare also transmits moral lessons and readers in his historical works.

The public can see something exceptional the historian can get to see something outstanding in the historical plays of William Shakespeare, like king Henry 4; part 1 acts as a morality play and Shakespeare tries to teach morality to the audience’s readers. Not only this, but he also signifies the importance of battles and shows the importance of soldiers in his historical plays. Soldiers and their fighting skills are glorified in the historical plays of William Shakespeare.

Above all, William Shakespeare wants to acquaint the people of England with the history of England. At the same time, he wants to entertain other audiences through his historical play.   

Some important Features of the Shakespeare Histories:

Shakespeare’s histories share several things in common. First, most are set in times of medieval English history. The Shakespeare histories dramatize the Hundred Year’s War with France, giving us the Henry Tetralogy, “Richard II,” “Richard III,” and “King John”—many of which feature the same have characters from different periods.

Second, Shakespeare provides social situations through his characters and plots in all his history. The ancient plays say more about Shakespeare’s own time than the medieval society in which they are set.

For example, Shakespeare chooses King Henry V as a standard hero to tap into England’s growing patriotism. Yet, his depiction of this character is not necessarily historically very accurate. There’s not much evidence that Henry V had the rebellious youth that Shakespeare depicts, but the Bard wrote him to make his desired commentary.

Summing Up:

Shakespeare is a great writer; it is said by the critics that Shakespeare never went to school or college, but today our studies are not complete without reading his work. Students should know about such a great writer. ERP for school gives all the students very well through its software. There are many other writers like Shakespeare in English Literature who made literature better with their valuable work and taught us many things.


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