Digital Workspace Solution: Look for a workspace that supports all offices


Gone are the days when the workplace was solely a physical space employee inhabited during systematic office hours. Nowadays, it is always connected to get instant access. The environment has obscured the lines between the physical office and the place where work takes place. 

What is a Digital Workplace Solution?

The digital workplace solution can contemplate the most natural development of the workplace consisting of the employees’ technology working environment. The digital workplace solution circumscribes all the technologies people use to get work done in today’s workplace that is both the ones in operation and the ones up till now to be executed. 

It ranges from HR applications and core business applications to email, instant messaging and enterprise social media, and virtual meeting tools. 

As most organizations already use many of these components, typically it is not needed to build the digital workplace solution from the ground up. If the staff answer emails from smartphones, check their pay remnant online, or digitally enter a sales opportunity, a person may be closer to operating a digital workplace than he or she thinks. 

Why is it important to embrace a Digital Workplace Solution?

If the risks of inactivity are not sufficient achiever, the profits of adopting a digital workplace solution make a compelling business case. If the following gains are taken for example-

  • Talent attraction – 64% of the employees would choose a minimum paying job if they could work away from the office.
  • Employee Productivity- Organizations with powerful online social networks are 7% more fruitful than those without.
  • Employee Retention- When employee engagement grows, there is a corresponding growth in employee repossession by up to 87%.
  • Communication Tools- Information workers favor newer communication tools, particularly instant messaging over more traditional ones like e-mail or team workplace.

To support all these mentioned results, a person needs to provide employees with the tools they need to collaborate, communicate and connect. A person needs to coordinate his or her technology groups and investments to circumvent the jaws of depot execution and constant ownership. 

A person should embrace proper roadmaps to ensure his or her digital workplace delivers quantifiable business value while alleviating risks and cohering to conformity conditions. 

The digital workplace solution framework- There are no definite rules presiding over the design of a digital workplace, major practices do exist. The digital workplace solution contains the following four layers covering components-

  • Use: Collaborate, Communicate, Connect- The digital workplace solution is all about the employees’ potential to do their job by collaborating, communicating, and connecting with others. The goal is to hammer out the productive business relationships from inside and behind natural workgroups and to authorize knowledge sharing across the organization.
  • Technology: the digital toolbox- Technology sanctions the digital workplace solution. Each organization has a digital workplace solution with different tools. Hanging on the needs of industry and business, the tools needed to brace the digital workplace solution will differ. The solution is to espouse the right tools for the employees to do their jobs. 
  • Control Governance Risk and Compliance- The successful use of technology in the digital workplace is supported by perfect controls. This means a person must assist the digital workplace with proper governance structures and management processes. 
  • Business drivers: measurable business value- As with any core enterprise, it is important for business needs to drive the digital workplace solution. To drop-ship, the necessary profits, the direction of the organization should escort the direction of the digital workplace solution. 

Benefits of Digital workplace solution

  • Increased Flexibility
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency
  • Increased Revenue
  • Enhanced Communication and Innovation
  • Heightened Employee Experience
  • Increased Performance 
  • Strengthened Talent Recruitment and Retention
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction
  • Improved Customer Experience

A case study of digital workplace solutions highlights that it is the workplace that brings out its possibilities, it is finding grip across a broad assembling of industries. Now, is the time that a digital workplace solution gives employees the tools they need to ameliorate their communication, collaboration, and connections with each other. 


Execute effectively, it also allows organizations to alleviate common risks, cohere to their bureaucratic abidance endorsement, and ultimately intensify business value. A digital workplace solution is far from the limits of a physical office. It is the digital ecosystem of our everyday work. A high-quality digital workplace makes knowledge sharing, and collaboration and also creates an attached environment.

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