7 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet

Is picking the right wedding bouquet stressful for you?

You don’t have to suffer wedding anxiety. Planning a wedding with plenty of time before it takes place is a much better approach than the do-or-die scenario you may have in your head.

Go ahead and gather ideas. Narrow down the wedding bouquet styles you like and learn as much as possible about the flowers and greenery you can use. Select flowers that speak to you while keeping in mind the comfort of your guests.

Ready for some wedding planning tips? Read on!

1. Considering Your Dress Style

When it comes to selecting the best bouquet, consider your dress style. If you’re wearing a vintage gown, opt for a delicate, classic arrangement featuring blush roses, peonies, and baby breath. For a bold bohemian dress, select vivid jewel-toned blooms and wildflowers.

Choose an enormous bouquet with more volume if you have a more structured mermaid or A-line dress. If you have an even looser and breezier style, pick a few single stems of blooms and skip intricate details. You can always add trailing ribbons or charms for a particular extra piece.

Your flowers must complement your style and don’t clash. When in doubt, go for simplicity; multiple colors in coordinating hues and muted tones. Speak with your florist, who can advise you on the best options for your dress and theme. If you want to buy a bouquet, look at Phillip’s Flowers.

2. Selecting a Shape

When selecting a wedding bouquet shape, you must consider your dress silhouette and the overall look you’re going for. Like a classic cascading bouquet, a round shape would be ideal for a more traditional classic look. For more trend-forward modern weddings, you could opt for a unique shape, such as a teardrop bouquet.

An arm bouquet with trailing flowers and greenery is ideal for a classic fairytale-inspired look. A dome-shaped bouquet of peonies or garden roses will be stunning if you want something romantic.

A hand-tied or nosegay bouquet is famous for rustic chic or country-style weddings, while a circular presentation bouquet is ideal for a modern, minimalistic look. Think about your dress, venue, and overall desired feel, and you’ll be sure to find a wedding bouquet shape that reflects your style.

3. Deciding on Flowers

One should consider the wedding theme and color scheme. Have a look at the texture of the flowers. It is important to choose flowers that are in season and have plenty of time to prepare.

Some may have a coarse texture and not be suitable, while others may have a smooth and beautiful surface. Last but not least, consider the size. A bulky bouquet may be too heavy and detract from the bride’s overall look, while a petite bouquet may look too small.

Make sure to find the right balance in size and texture. Look for various colors, odd-number arrangements, and a combination of tight and loose designs.

Combining different types of flowers in a beautiful holder can create a unique look. Research all available options and discuss the choices with the florist for the best possible result.

4. Opting for a Color Theme

Opting for a color theme can be a great way to pull your wedding theme together. Start by brainstorming colors that would work well with your theme, and pull in some accent colors if needed. When selecting flowers, select ones that are readily available and in line with your desired colors.

When picking a ribbon for the bouquet, choose a durable material that won’t wrinkle easily to look great throughout the ceremony. Consider spraying your flowers with water and sealant to ensure the colors look great and minimize wilting. Bouquet preservatives are great for preserving the freshness of your flowers and make a great way to commemorate your special day.

5. Finding the Perfect Balance

Start by determining the wedding’s overall theme and color palette, and consider the style of your dress and the other décor elements. If you’re looking for something more subtle, opt for a classic single-stem silhouette. Or, for a more dramatic look, try a large mixed bouquet. Make sure to ask for flower samples before deciding on various blooms.

You may need to scale back on specific elements or opt for an arrangement of complementary flowers or greenery if you’re striving for a soft, muted style. Lastly, be sure to bring along your dress and veil when selecting your wedding bouquet. This will help you find the perfect fit.

6. Thinking Size and Dimensions

When selecting the bouquet size, the bride should consider her height, the size of her wedding dress, the length of her arms, and the type of flowers used. Weighing the overall size and look of the bouquet is essential in ensuring it does not overpower the look of the dress.

The dimensions of the bouquet can add a certain elegance and grandeur to the overall look. Consider using a variety of flowers with different heights and sizes to create depth and texture.

Some can be used in large amounts to fill the bouquet base, while others can provide an accent or draw attention. Remember to test out different ideas by holding flowers up against you or wearing your dress during the bouquet selection process.

7. Adapting Your Bouquet With the Seasons

In the winter, selecting rich colors, such as burgundy or navy, will bring a lovely warmth to the look. Autumn calls for beautiful shades of orange and brown to capture the feeling of the season.

Springtime can be bright and cheerful with sunburst yellow or pink and orange. Summer is all about bright colors to create a beachy or garden-inspired feel.

Greenery is always a great addition to any bouquet and can reflect the colors of the season as well. Utilizing seasonal elements will help create a look for your fragrance that is memorable and timeless.

Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Bouquet

Now you have all the tools to choose the perfect wedding bouquet for your special day. Remember to keep your wedding colors, budget, and bouquet size in mind when making your decision, and you’ll be sure to find an arrangement to bring your vision to life. Get started on making your special day perfect!

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