3 Types of Tools Used in Ghost Hunting

ghost hunting

In the world of ghost hunting, there are a few tools that every good ghost hunter should have in their arsenal. Ghost hunting is an exciting hobby that blends ghost stories, science, and technology.

With ghost-hunting essential gear, you can make sure your ghost-hunting efforts are successful.

And ghost hunters have a lot of tools at their disposal.

There are three main types of tools used in ghost hunting: EMF meters, cameras, and audio recording devices. Each type of tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read on to learn more about each type of tool and how they work.

EMF and Temperature Meters

A common device for ghost hunters is an electromagnetic field detector. They measure changes in electrical fields that could be caused by paranormal activity. These devices measure the electromagnetic field or temperature in a given space. Either can be a telltale sign of activity.

This is one of the first tools you’ll want to buy. EMF meters are the ghost-hunting tool of choice! That’s because they provide ghost hunters with a way to measure any environmental changes that could be caused by paranormal activity. They also allow ghost hunters to map out activity across a larger area.

EMF Meters

In general, higher levels of EMF are associated with more active ghosts, so EMF meters can be a valuable tool for a ghost hunter. EMF meters are very useful in ghost hunting, as they can alert ghost hunters to any potential paranormal presence.

An EMF meter measures the electromagnetic fields in a given area. Some people believe that an EMF field may be associated with paranormal activity. So ghost hunters often use EMF meters to detect any potential activity.

EMF meters usually have two modes – a manual mode for taking readings and a scanning mode for automatically taking readings at set intervals. The scanning mode is particularly useful for detecting changes in EMF levels over time. Those changes may be indicative of paranormal activity.

Many apps claim to be ghost-hunting meter apps, but it takes time to determine which ones are reliable and accurate. As a general rule, it’s best to work with established, well-reviewed EMF readers from a reputable source like Spiritshack.co.uk.


Temperature fluctuations can show the presence of entities. Cold spots or hot spots may be a sign of activity

Thermometers are used to detect temperature changes and alert ghost hunters when an unusual temperature change has been detected. By measuring the temperature changes in a ghost-hunting area, ghost hunters can identify any paranormal activity.

Ghost Hunting Cameras

Ghost hunting is becoming more and more popular due to ghost-hunting shows. So it’s important to learn about the use of cameras! Cameras are used to capture ghostly figures, orbs, or mists on film. They can be used in both still and video formats, with infrared or thermal cameras being the most popular for ghost hunting.

Ghost hunters rely on ghost-hunting cameras to capture evidence of paranormal activity. These specialized cameras are designed for ghost hunting. They come with features like night vision and motion detection.

Ghost hunting cameras are used by paranormal enthusiasts to detect and photograph ghostly activity. The most popular type of ghost-hunting camera is the digital infrared thermal imaging camera, which detects changes in temperature that may be caused by a spirit

Some tips for using a ghost-hunting camera include are as follows:

  • Stay alert and keep an eye on the video monitor at all times
  • Pay close attention to any unusual movement or activity
  • Be prepared to quickly capture any footage that appears to show paranormal activity.

Other types of ghost-hunting cameras include night vision cameras or motion sensors. Some cameras have special features like infrared capabilities or night vision, which can be useful for detecting ghosts in low-light or dark environments.

Thermographic Cameras

Thermographic cameras are ghost-hunting tools that detect thermal changes in the environment. These cameras can be used to detect temperature differences between humans and other objects, which could mean ghostly activity.

Thermographic cameras use special sensors to detect temperature changes and can produce ghostly images in ghost-hunting videos. These ghost-hunting cameras come in both portable and stationary models, so ghost-hunters can choose which type works best for them.

Night Vision Cameras

Night vision ghost-hunting cameras are used to detect ghostly activity in the dark. The infrared spectrum is beyond the reach of our human eyes. It’s visible to special cameras that have been designed to see in that part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The footage captured by night vision ghost hunting cameras is often analyzed for patterns or anomalies. Those patterns or anomalies could be ghostly figures or lights, or unexplained movement.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are ghost-hunting equipment used to detect any presence of paranormal entities. Motion sensors detect changes in movement, which could indicate ghostly activity.

When motion sensors detect a change in the environment, they alert ghost hunters via an alarm or light so that they can investigate the area further.

A standard setup for ghost-hunting with motion sensors is to have them placed at different points in the house, so that ghost hunters can monitor any activity from a single location.

Audio Devices

Audio recorders are used to capture EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). EVPs are voices captured on tape that are not audible at the recording time but seem clear when played back later. By playing back recorded audio, ghost hunters can listen for voices that may not be audible to the human ear.

Digital Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders are essential tools for ghost hunting, as they allow ghost hunters to capture any potential ghostly voices or other paranormal phenomena. They’re also one of the most accessible and inexpensive options that you can use to get started.

They are often used by ghost hunters in conjunction with ghost-hunting cameras and EMF meters. When ghost hunting, always keep a digital voice recorder handy to document any potential ghostly activity or voices that may be present in the area.

In this manner, audio recordings can be used in ghost hunting by analyzing the sounds captured on tape for any anomalous noise or patterns that could indicate the presence of a spirit.

Audio Spectrum Analyzer

An audio spectrum analyzer is a tool used to measure the amplitude of different frequencies in an audio signal. This information can be used to diagnose problems with equipment, measure the quality of a recording, or better understand how an audio signal works.

Various software and hardware options are available for spectrum analysis, so choosing one that will fit your needs is important. Spectrum analysis can be an incredibly valuable tool for ghost hunting. It can help ghost hunters identify any strange or otherworldly sounds that may indicate ghostly activity.

Spirit Box

A spirit box also is a device used to communicate with the dead. It works by scanning through AM, FM, and short-wave radio frequencies and then piping the resulting noise through a speaker. They are also sometimes called “ghost boxes.” Spirits are said to be able to manipulate this noise to create words or sounds that can be heard by those present.

The ghost-hunting community often uses spirit boxes in combination with audio recorders and EMF meters when conducting investigations. This way, ghost hunters can capture any potential ghostly activity or voices that may be present in the area.

You should be aware that ghost-hunting can be a risky business. Always make sure you are properly prepared and follow all ghost-hunting safety protocols before beginning any investigation. With the right ghost-hunting equipment, you’ll be ready to go ghost-hunting in no time!

Find Ghost Hunting Equipment Near You

A midnight ghost hunt is thrilling and fascinating. But ghost hunters need the right tools to capture evidence of paranormal activity. Cameras, EMF Meters, and audio recorders are essential equipment for ghost hunters. They help them detect signs of ghostly activity.

No matter what equipment you choose, always follow a rigorous protocol. Take proper safety measures during investigations. Ghost hunting is not for the faint of heart, but if done properly, it can make for an exciting and rewarding experience.

With the right ghost-hunting equipment and proper safety protocols, ghost hunters can get the most out of their investigations.

There is a range of time-tested items, from ghost-hunting cameras to digital voice recorders that you can choose from. If you’re looking for more ghost-hunting tools, be sure to check out a ghost-hunting store. There, you can get all the ghost-hunting equipment you need!

So let’s get started! Grab your ghost-hunting tools and devices and see what you can find. Happy ghost hunting!

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