6 Incredible PMI Certifications to Advance Your Project Management Career in 2022

CAPM Certification
CAPM Certification

The methodology of project management is a combination of effective project planning, successful project execution, and project delivery. It forms an essential part of every organization whether it is a large corporate or a small startup. PMI (Project Management Institute) which is the leading governing body of project management in the world has created many certifications for individuals aspiring to work in the project management sector. The PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification is one of PMI’s most popular certifications with thousands of project management professionals around the globe working across various industrial domains. However, there are other PMI Certifications that aspiring project managers can opt for besides the PMP Certification. In this article, we will discuss these PMI Certifications in brief that individuals can earn to advance their project management careers in 2022.

Here are the 6 incredible PMI Certifications: 

  •         CAPM Certification – The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification is the best certification to start your project management career with. Fresh college graduates, as well as working professionals, can start working in the project management industry by earning this prestigious CAPM Certification from PMI. This credential provides the essential fundamentals of project management including terminologies and tools associated with the project management industry.  
  •         PMP Certification – This certification is the gold standard in project management, with a huge number of PMP-certified project managers currently working in many organizations around the globe. PMI’s PMP or Project Management Professional Certification is recognized in every organization irrespective of the size and nature of the industry. This certification validates a project manager’s knowledge in the project management methodology and helps them in their efforts of ensuring successful project deliveries for their organization.
  •         PgMP Certification PMI’s Program Management Professional (PgMP) Certification is best suited for project managers who want to become program managers. Program Managers manage and oversee the completion of several related projects in a program for their organizations. To earn this prestigious certification, these project managers must prove their project management knowledge by earning the PMP Certification or by proving their experience of working in the project management industry.
  •         PMI-ACP Certification Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Certification from PMI is best suited for project managers who want to work in agile project management. With this credential, they will be able to validate their knowledge and skills in managing projects with agile principles and best practices.
  •         PMI-RMP Certification – The Risk Management Professional (RMP) Certification from PMI is best suited for aspiring risk managers who manage and mitigate risks affecting the projects of their organization. These professionals are aware of all project risks and play a major role in avoiding or mitigating these risks to ensure that the organizational goals are met effectively.

To conclude, we can safely assume that having one or two of these PMI Certifications will be highly beneficial for an individual’s career in project management. Since PMI is recognized in almost every organization across all major industries, globally. Along with international recognition and higher-earning opportunity, PMI Certifications are an excellent way to justify your project management knowledge and skills during the hiring process. So, start the journey to advance your project management career by opting for one of these incredible PMI Certifications in 2022.

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