5 Remote Work Tools for Better Planning and Strategizing

remote work tools

Dealing with diverging pandemics has far-reaching economic effects that most of us don’t think about. Remote work is one of the innovative strategies that businesses used to adopt.

Remote work has been growing for several years, and 2020 saw a surge in remote jobs. It’s not hard to see why. Remote work means that employees can work from home without risking illness. It also helps cut employee separation anxiety.

Employers enjoy increased employee engagement and higher productivity. Today’s modern remote working tools can ensure employees aren’t losing out.

Let’s look at the best remote work tools that enable productive employees and effective planning.

1. Enterprise Project Management Software

Enterprise Project Management Software (EPMS) helps keep remote teams connected and efficient. This enables managers to divide resources, and create and assign tasks. It also helps coordinate activities and track progress.

It centralizes data and streamlines processes, making it easier for managers to uncover gaps and provide targeted support. EPMS supports clear decision-making. Find more information here on how these remote tools giveĀ a comprehensive view of the entire organizational project, making it easy to adjust timelines, task ownership, and budget realities.

2. Video Conferencing Tools

Video conferencing tools allow remote teams to communicate easily, even when they are miles apart. Video conferencing tools provide an easy way to host meetings, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. Some powerful features of video conferencing tools include the ability to share screens, documents, and whiteboards- all without the need for special hardware.

These tools provide audio chat capabilities, live streaming, and audio/video recording. Moreover, with video conferencing tools, team members can stay connected and engage in brainstorming and strategy sessions.

3. Workflow Automation Tools

Workflow automation tools are essential for effective planning and strategizing. With these remote work tools, team members can set up systems and workflows. This streamlines the process of task organization and project planning.

Workflows can be automated to remind team members of upcoming tasks, deadlines, and project updates. Automation capabilities enable the automatic gathering of data. These data can be used to create strategies and optimize performance.

4. Real-Time Chat and Task Management Tools

Real-time chat and task management tools such as Slack and Asana offer a suite of powerful tools to help plan and strategize when your team is remote.

Through both apps, remote teams can create channels to collaborate in real-time, take notes, and assign tasks to individuals or groups. With calendar integration, you can easily plan meetings without ever having to leave the app. You can also schedule deadlines and set reminders for tasks.

5. Cloud-Based File Storage and Sharing Tools

The ability to easily store and share documents helps remote teams discuss and review materials quickly. It also helps streamline their workflow. File sharing also makes it easier to track project progress. It enables the team to plan workloads while keeping track of deadlines. It also ensures teams are all on the same page.

By centralizing all of your team’s documents on the cloud, users can easily stay connected despite working remotely. Cloud-based file storage and sharing tools are essential for remote work.

Invest in Remote Work Tools Now

Providing workers with remote work tools helps with planning and strategizing. It’s not only beneficial for productivity but also can boost morale and morale. The appropriate tools based on the needs of your team are key for successful remote work.

To learn more about how these tools can help with remote work planning and strategizing, contact a remote work specialist today!

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