4 Furnace Problems Many Homeowners Experience

furnace problems

In the US, about 49% of homes that started in 2021 use natural gas as their primary heating fuel.

During the winter months, there’s nothing more critical to the functioning of your home than your furnace. Unfortunately, furnaces are always working hard too, so when something goes wrong, it can leave you and your home stranded.

With furnaces being a crucial investment, you should be able to identify any potential problems. You don’t want them to go offline during the winter.

If you’ve noticed your furnace acting up, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created this simple guide. It contains the most common furnace problems so that you can troubleshoot them yourself.

1. Furnace Not Producing Heat

It can come from a problem with the pilot light, an encrusted burner, an absence of ignition, an obstruction in the ventilation system, or a defective thermostat. One of the fastest ways to ensure the furnace is heating is to check the thermostat. Ensure you set it to a high enough temperature and that the system supports the desired temperature setting.

Additionally, checking the presence of the pilot light and regular maintenance can help avoid problems with not producing heat. Regular maintenance can save money and time as it reveals existing issues. Make sure to follow preventive solutions to avoid furnace breakdowns.

2. The Furnace Keeps Turning On and Off

If your furnace is turning off and on, then it is likely due to a thermostat issue. It could be a malfunctioning thermostat set too high, a thermostat that is dirty and needs cleaning, or a thermostat installed in the wrong place. Additionally, air filters can become clogged if they have not been replaced in a while, causing the furnace to shut off.

Burners can also clog if dust, dirt, or other debris are present. As a result, your furnace is shutting off and on and needs proper service from a professional. They can determine the exact cause and the best-recommended repair.

3. Noisy Furnace

A loud furnace can be bothersome to oneself, one’s family, and neighbors. Not only that, but a noisy furnace usually indicates a potential problem and is rarely a good sign regarding the system’s performance.

In most cases, rattling or other noises from a furnace suggest the system is not functioning correctly. Furthermore, a noisy furnace is often an indicator of problems such as failing blower motors, loose components, or a dirty air filter.

4. The Furnace is Leaking Water

Various furnace issues, such as clogged condensate drains or cracked heat exchangers, can cause it. If moisture collects in a furnace or the surrounding area, it can drive dangerous mold growth, not to mention damage to floors and furniture.

If you suspect your furnace is leaking water, you should call a reliable HVAC technician like KD Mechanical immediately to ensure it is taken care of properly. The technician will inspect the furnace, check for clogs, and make any necessary furnace repairs.

Dealing with Home Furnace Problems to Ensure a Comfortable Home

Common furnace problems can be costly and inconvenient. If your furnace needs repair, it’s essential to invest in the best technician. Reach out to a trusted heating and air conditioning provider for fast, reliable service.

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