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face oils

Facial oils have been gaining popularity in the recent years. Whether it be the celebrities or the influencers, everyone seems to be touting benefits of face oils. 

The question then arises is, are facial oils worth the hype? Can you just apply whichever oil you like to the skin? If your mind is also brimming with such questions, simply read on to find out!

Face oils: What you should know before using them 

As is the case with every skin care product, you shouldn’t use them simply because it worked for another person. They might have different skin type, different challenges, and yes, different genetics. 

Similar is the case with face oils; what worked for your friend might lead to breakouts on your skin, meriting the help of the Best Skin Specialist in Karachi then. 

Hence, before starting out the use of facial oils, identify first your skin type. Also, try to corner what problem do you want to tackle with the oils, as different types offer different advantages. 

Now, on to the face oil basics

Once you have decided to invest in the face oils, knowing the basic is important. 

Face oils help in making your skin soft 

Oils help in improving the texture of the skin. Some oils mimic the consistency of the naturally produced oils, so are perfect fit for the skin. They work in tandem with a moisturizer in keeping your skin soft and hydrated; oil aid in preventing moisture loss from the skin, as it forms a barrier between the skin and the air. 

Some oils can clog your pores 

The oil produced naturally by our gland can also clog our pores, so if you use a thick formula, it may also then congest your pores. It may also then lead to the formation of black and white heads.

Finding the perfect formula is something that you should work towards, since everyone has different genetic makeup of the skin, their skin’s tolerance towards the oils varies as well then. So, try to patch test first and see which oil works best for you. 

Oil do not equate to a moisturizer 

Many people tend to use face oils interchangeably with the moisturizer, which is a big mistake. Moisturizer helps in hydrating the skin, oils don’t do that; they help in locking the moisture in. So, the purpose served by both is different. 

Furthermore, the order of application is also very important; moisturizer is to be applied before the face oil. Otherwise, oil will not let the moisturizer penetrate the skin, as it forms a barrier. 

Try not to use the oils during the day 

It is suggested that you use the oils as part of your nighttime routine only, even when you are tempted to get the glistening affect that oils offer. Some oils can reduce the efficiency of your sunscreen, making you vulnerable to radiation in the sun. 

Exposure to sunlight can cause premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and even cancer, thus sunscreen should always be taken seriously. 

Don’t use them daily 

Whereas there is no harm in using the oils daily, but it can make your skin dependent on the topical application of oil. The glands responsible for natural oil production can then become inefficient. 

Order of application of oil 

For your nighttime routine, you should start with cleansing, followed by whatever serums you want to use. Then, slather on your moisturizer, followed finally by the oil. 

For daytime routine, do your cleaning and skincare spiel –including the moisturizer –, then apply your face oil, followed by SPF and makeup. 

Different oils offer different benefits

Different oils offer different benefits to your skin; argan oil is good for dealing with fine lines, whereas marula oil is an excellent source of vitamin C. People with acne-prone skin can, alongside following treatment suggested by the Best Dermatologist in Islamabad, use tea-tree oil. 

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